A man in need..... really...

Dec 29, 2009
Hello Ladies,
It appears that I am a rarity here. A man who wants more info before he buys his wife a Hermes item. Her first real gift from me was a Kelly Evergrain in black purchased in Bordeaux. The SA there was great. He showed us the purse and let her hold it for quite a while. She wasn’t sure so we went for a bottle of champagne and a bite. 2 hrs later we came back and the same gentleman greeted her with a smile and had the purse ready for her to hold again. When I handed him my Amex her eyes lit up. If she could sleep with the purse she would.
I wish I could buy her another purse now but the Kelly was a stretch for us dollar wise.
So here is my query. If you could only have 1 hermes purse what would it be? You can’t sell it and trade it for another later. You can only have this one purse forever. What would it be?
I ask this because I do want to buy her a second purse but a evergrain black Kelly seems like the perfect use everyday purse to me.


Sep 19, 2008
you know asking the tpfrs here to make up their minds on just ONE bag is really quite difficult

i'll try.

if i were dressy and/or more lady-like in my attire, i'll go for a kelly. i know this can be worn casually as well so a kelly is really quite versatile

if i were a more casual dresser (eg jeans, pants, boots) and prefer to get in and out of my bags easily, i vote for a birkin in a classic neutral

hth and btw you are a lovely husband. congrats to your wife. she must be terrific too for you to be so lovely to her :smile:


Oct 14, 2006
If I were to own only one Hermes handbag I would want it to be a 35 Birkin in Black Shiny Porosus Croc with PHW :smile:.


Mental Discipline
Foulard Finder, hello! and how sweet and thoughtful.

You might get a variety of responses as tpfers have varied "must haves". in fact we probably want everything. :biggrin:

Perhaps you might want to tell us if your wife has already something in mind, or what styles of purses she usually likes to carry? This will help us narrow down some choices for you.


May 4, 2008
Well since she already has a Kelly I would answer of course a Birkin...

I am very surprised though for your knowledge on leathers and colors - this is something quite rare even among newbie bag owners themselves and although my DH knows quite a bit he could never tell a leather or color name likely...!
May 27, 2007
My choice, if this is the only Hermes bag I'll have for ever and ever amen, is a 30cm black box Birkin. I prefer an open structured tote style, and boxcalf will age and refurbish beautifully. That being said, my indigo fjord 30cm Birkin could also fit the description of the one and only...or a 32cm vache natural or barenia HAC...or a black chevre Birkin...or...you see why we end up with so many bags?

Jing Ling

Nov 13, 2009
Since your wife already have a Kelly, another 'must have' bag is the Birkin. A gold (a brownish color) is a natural and safe color. If your wife prefers more 'pop-up' color, orange or red is one of the choice. If the budget is not a matter, exotic leather (croc or ostrich) is absolutely the best...


Nov 8, 2006
If I could only have one Hermes bag it would be a black 35 ardennes birkin with gh but since they don't make ardennes anymore it would be a black 35 clemence birkin with gh.
Feb 26, 2007
Your lucky lady probably has a lifetime's 'must have' bag. A classic bag in a classic colour in a classic leather - what's not to like??

Are you angling - lucky woman - to buy her another bag really? Or querying whether what she has is really good enough? It sounds good enough to me! If you don't have vast amounts to cash to spare ( like me) perhaps another angle would be to buy accessories to go with the bag - perhaps something like the Kelly wallet? That's quite expensive in itself but is useful and practical and gives you many other colour options.


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Jun 15, 2006
Daniel, I am sure your wife will be able to tell you which bag she wants to add to her collection... just ask her!
Dec 29, 2009

Thanks for all the great responses. I'm leaning towards a etoupe birkin but she likes the jypsiere. Any comments on usabilty of the jypsiere would be great. I'm thinking orange.

I have bought her several twillys for the kelly and am looking at a black wallet to go with it. Really want the Bordeaux key chain. There was one on ebay, unsold, for $575.00. Is that a fair price?

Thanks again,