A Man and his Vuittons!

  1. Collection pic updated as of January 28, 2006. any new additions will be posted here.. which should be in the following months:

    - Damier Geant Terre Citadin bag
    - Damier 9 card wallet

    haha. that's it.

    oh and my cellphone is hand-studded by yours truly. took foreeeever. alrighty that's it. bye!
    new_collection_01.jpg new_collection_03.jpg new_collection_04.jpg
  2. LOVE the cell phone :biggrin: How cute! Love all your LV items :love:Thanks for sharing!
  3. Another LV lover here! Welcome!

    Love the cell!
  4. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  5. Lovely and thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Oooh, I LOVE the brown tie!
  7. Beautiful textiles. Love the scarves.
  8. I've seen this before on LJ, but I just gotta say once more, I love the brown tie !
  9. Welcome and thanks for posting! Nice collection and love the phone! that really must haev been a lot of work, those crystals are sooo tiny! do you have any problem with them coming off?
  10. nope, not really a big problem. some do come off, but the majority of them (i'd say bout 99%) stay put. if anything, i have a problem of them scratching up stuff, like my ipod and glasses. -_-v.

    and thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  11. LV panda!!!Nice!
  12. LOVE IT! :smile: Just love LV! thanks for sharing
  13. LOVE the phone. You could make a small fortune doing that on the side...do you have such patience??!!:biggrin:
  14. The phone is fab, and I love the brown tie as well ;)
    Thanks for sharing!
  15. Nice to see another guy on this forum :biggrin: Nice collection!