a man and a diaper bag???

  1. not long ago someone gave me a louis vuitton monogram mini lin diaper bag (blue) which first i thought was a great looking messenger bag but later found out that it's actually a diaper bag. now i feel weird carrying it around. first, i'm a guy and second i don't even have a baby. based on fashion do's and dont's or whatever, do you think it's ever okay for a man to carry such bag? :shame:
  2. I dont think there is anything wrong with it! If you thought it was a great looking messenger bag, then thats what it is! I had a backpack style diaper bag that I used through 2 years of school. No one knew or questioned,
  3. If you didn't notice it was a diaper bag, other people probably won't notice either :shrugs:...
  4. ITA, plus diaper bags have great compartments and lots of pockets :graucho:
  5. Nobody will notice it's a diaper bag unless they own the same bag or there are two bottles sticking out of the side pockets.
  6. ^^ :roflmfao: that would stand out a bit! I think it is fine btw, it is a great bag.
  7. the more i look at it the more it looks like a diaper bag. it even has a diaper changing pad attached to it :hrmm: do you think this type of bag is appropriate for work? i'm thinking if i should sell it on eBay and get one of those boring bags from the taiga collection.
  8. :smile:I think you should do what you are comfortable with. A mini lin diaper bag would make a great messenger bag and it is a beautiful bag. However, if you are not comfortable with it then you should sell it and purchase something else. You want to enjoy your bag, not feel self consious when you use it.
  9. Hey if it's a great looking bag then keep it!
  10. ITA!!
  11. And heck, when you finally do have a child, you'll be all prepared with a very cool diaper bag! A friend of mine just bought her husband a diaper bag, though not an LV one.
  12. I think its fine. I think its a awesome looking bag. I wish I had it. Im actually in a reverse situation. I have the Damier Broadway messenger which will now become my diaper bag. Whatever works.
  13. Lol, I almost bought that bag, but when the SA showed me the features, I started laughing (he asked about my"baby" and I was still like 16 years old)... :push: Really turned me off the bag. But if you can rock it, please go ahead, it's a nice bag.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. is that the diaper bag that you talking about... It's not bad when you use it... it's in your own fashion way how can you handle it..