A Makeup Free Paris Arrives @ Dublin Airport Today

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Eww, Paris can you not afford CLEAN sweatpants.:yucky:
  3. I wonder if she doesn't have her blue contacts in and that's why the sunglasses or are they just to cover eyes w/o make-up?
  4. Her skin looks gorgeous and I like her top! haha
  5. she looks like she's in her pajamas :lol:
  6. i noticed her skin too!
  7. Her primp shirt is cute- casual but cute.
  8. Well yes, she does look pretty good without the goop on the face...
  9. She doesn't need make-up!
  10. What's wrong with her sweats? I love 2BFree... She looks cute here! I want that Primp top now.... :P
  11. Is that a Prada bag?
  12. i like her hair, sweater & shirt
  13. I guess I'm the only one that thinks she looks like a slob. Her skin is great, but she isn't doing anything for me dressed like this. Well, ok.. she is fully clothed for once.
  14. ^^ Oh but it looks like she just woke up from an overnight or otherwise very long flight! Her clothes are very comfy lounge-type clothes. I'm sure she chose them because they are good plane clothes.

    I think she looks nice and natural. When I fly cross-country or international I look 100 times worse! And I always wear sweats and a t-shirt! :yes:
  15. i'm amazed her skin looks great from all her partying/drugs/alcohol/cigarettes/tanning. LOL! Her face looks a little chunky though! Weird!