a makeup freak's small collection - mostly LV

  1. After lurking a while I'm gonna post my mostly LV collection for now.

    It all started with the Black Epi Pochette that was on my wishlist for quite some time. Bought on the 4th September 2oo4 :yes:

    Then came the Mono Trotteur for my prom (as I translate it from German) in January 2oo5

    Since my old wallet (non designer) fell apart I got the Taiga Wallet in February 2oo6

    On my first holidays in Paris I first got the Goyard Okinawa Tote and then the classic Mono Speedy 35 in the Champs Elysée Store :tup: both on the 10th July 2oo6

    This year's Paris stay brought me the Roxbury Drive in Amarante :nuts: in July and finally my grandma bought me the petit Noé in Toledo blue :yahoo:- love love love this color (I love blue and duochromes haha) - in a vintage LV boutique on the 31rst of August (the bag was made 12 years ago and looks like new, absolutely amazing!)

    There are still many bags on my neverending wishlist, but first I gotta go earn some money. Being a student doesn't support my addictions - bags and makeup - much :lol:
  2. Nice collection!
  3. I love your collection!
  4. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I used to have a Petite Noe in Toledo blue, too! Then I sold it off but I do regret it. It's such a lovely bag.

    And I love your Goyard!
  6. Love your collection,sw0pp. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Like the diversity! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I love your blue petit noe! i am a sucker for the vintage colours in epi :o), thanks for sharing
  9. Beautiful collection! I love your Goyard!!
  10. Nice collection!
  11. STUNNING collection, OMG that Amarante Roxbury is TOO HOT in that picture...:drool:

    The blue Epi Noe has amazing color as well...
  12. Nice work...love the Goyard!!
  13. Great collection! Your Amarante Roxbury is gorgeous :drool: Nice Goyard too!
  14. Love the Goyard and Toledo Noe!
  15. I love your collection!! I have the same black Epi Pochette, and I really like it! So chic and beautiful. I'm really tempted to buy an Epi Petit Noe too, how do you like yours? I can't believe it's 12 years old, it looks so new! Did you buy a purseket for it? Does the drawstring drive you crazy? (Sorry for all the questions, inquiring minds want to know :p)