A mag would have the same effect ...

  1. YES! lame lame lame. just use a magazine!
    or your own base. well. i think at least someone will buy into it.
    (i hope nobody from here)
  2. hmmm.... I love the sag.

  3. or my 1,000 year old Algebra textbook :roflmfao:
  4. OMG I need one $30 BARGAIN!!!

    who needs a magazine when you can have a my essential speedy base

    :p :p
  5. I kinda like the sagging of the speedy. This is what attracts me most about the bag... :shrugs:

  6. I'm with you....I adore the sag...and it's not so bad in the 25...it's perfect. I sometimes think I am the only one that likes it!

    I agree that it's a waste of money. But I do think a magazine would take up a lot of room in a 25. But I also agree with .......you can make your own base and save yourself $35.
  7. I like the sag too, but people will try and sell anything on eBay - and there are buyers unfortunately
  8. It's a waste of money ($30??) but this person is thinking like an entreprenuer and I like his/her spirit.
  9. I almost bought one a few weeks ago 'cause magazines make my bag heavier along with the other stuff I carry on a daily basis but I decided not to get it...

    only because I like it to sag a little so I replaced it with a thin/light catalog instead of a magazine.
  10. It's way too pricey but not a bad idea at all. Guess this looks nicer than a magazine
  11. I think it's a good idea, but kind of expensive. It would probably weigh a lot less than a magazine.
  12. If it were the same price as a magazine...maybe. I actually like a little sag. But if I didn't, there's no way in hell I'd spend $30+ for a peice of cardboard!
  13. I guess it's for that person who wants to keep a clean look inside their bag....
  14. i would like to MAKE one of those, but not buy one.