A MAC heatherette catastrophe!!

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  1. I cannot believe it - after months of reading of how you guys are in love with MAC heatherette, little old me in NZ (which is behind the times in the way of MAC) went to the counter to check when heatherette is out.
    To my dismay, my mac counter isnt going to sell heatherette - how ridiculous!!!!!!!!:wtf:

    So now i have to order it from another counter, but i would have really liked to have seen the line before i buy.
    What do you guys rate from the range the most? is the pink pearl pigment similar to the revved up one from rushmetal's collection last year?

  2. I love everything from the Heatherette collection! I bought all of the lipsticks and lipglosses, Alpha Girl beauty powder, and both of the eyeshadow trios. I might go back for backups of Alpha Girl and some of the lipsticks and lipglosses, and I never have bought a back up for cosmetics before!

    I highly recommend all of the products that I bought, although some of the lip stuff isn't for everyone. Same with Alpha Girl, some people have said it doesn't show up on them. I hope you scoop up some Heatherette soon before it's all gone!
  3. ^^ ITA I want to go back for Alpha girl too! love the glow it gives...we better hurry though a few places ive been are sold out....its sold out online too

    i also bought jardin aires pigment and i love that too!@
  4. [​IMG]

    That's what pink pearl looks like. It's nothing like revved up.
  5. It's also a repromote from the permanent line so you don't have to worry about it selling out.
  6. oh sweet guys thanks - from what ive hear definitely ill try to get alpha girl, and im thinking the eyeliners too - i have sooo many pink lipglosses - i just brought the viva glam special edition lipglass!
  7. Can they hook you up with any samples before you buy it?
  8. You have to ask for a sample usually and they don't always say yes. The MAs at the store I go to will give generous samples but it's not like that everywhere.
  9. Pink Pearl is a re-release. It wasn't actually made for the Heatherette collection. I have the lipsticks in Melrose Mood, Fleshpot and Lollipop Lovin. Lollipop Lovin is the only one I recommend. The other two are VERY pale and not wearable at all. I also got Alpha Girl and I love it. I've seen all of it in person and nothing really jumped out at me. I was going to buy one of the Heatherette lipglasses and I ended up getting Sugar Trance from the Fafi collection instead...
  10. pink pearl is AMAZING. the end. ;)
  11. I bought the starlet kiss lipglass and love it. Also bought the pink/purple eyeshadow trio. I'm going to have to go mac to mac hunting, though, becuase I'm loving my fafi sugartrance and I am going to need another one! :smile:
  12. I really want to try out one of the eyeliners but I've heard the black side is really bad and smudges everywhere. I've also heard that some of the glittery sides don't show up very well. All this and I'm still probably going to buy one!