A LV Miracle! *long post*

  1. A while ago I posted about 2 pairs of shoes I was looking to get, the Damier Geant Speeding Sneakers and the Zephyr Sneakers. I called my SA on Monday to learn that the Damier Geant's were sold out in Canada and that no new shipments were expected. As for the Zephyr's only one pair was left in my size in the country but it was on hold for another customer. :sad:

    I then had an amazing TFF member here who offered to get the Damier Geant shoes at their local store and ship them to me. They are now on their way to me :yahoo:I cannot thank that awesome TPF'er enough! People here rock!

    And then a few minutes ago, I received an out of the blue call from my SA telling me the Toronto store had sent her the last pair of the Zephyr's without even telling her. So those are also on their way to me!!!

    In a few days, those babies will be mine haha :smile:


    I just had to share my excitement. I'll post tons of pictures as soon as I receive them.

    I guess the stars were aligned for me to get those shoes... :tup:
  2. I remember your thread..you're getting both? Lucky!
  3. I love both of these shoes. Congrats!!
  4. Love them, especially the second pair!

    Hehe, miracles happen. ;)
  5. the LV gods must really love you. congrats!
  6. Congrats!
    That was sweet of someone to offer to do that for you!
  7. congrats it must have been destiny!
  8. That is such exciting news, thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to see pics, congrats in advance!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Oh YEAH!!!.. Thats Great to know.. TPF Rocks~~~
  11. oh yay Congratulations.
  12. Congrats! Always great when one tPF'er helps another :smile:
  13. Woohoo -- fantastic!!! Miracles do happen! Congratulations!
  14. congrats!! love the second one! :heart:
  15. Congratulations!