a LV gift FOR my BF ;)

  1. hi guys,

    i've bought a blue tobago pocket organizer for my boyfriend for valentine day.

    there is several card slots and a big slot for money.

    I just cant wait to see his feedback tomorrow when he will open the LV brown box.

    he's not a designer goods guy but i was a litte sad to have a bag full of high end stuff when he's carrying a poor old black and very tired wallet.

    It's my chance to say "hey, you too deserve a luxury little thing".

  2. How sweet!

    Hope you BF loves it!!
  3. That's very thoughtful of you.
  4. ooo, sexy... do you have a pic ;)
  5. cool! where's the pics?
  6. how sweet
    can I be ur next boyfriend? or lover maybe?
  7. That's so sweet of you. I'm sure he'll love it. Please post some pictures if you can.
  8. Ooh I love that little wallet so cute I'm so excited for him!! Next tabago carryall to match :graucho:
  9. sorry guys, no pics cause it"s gift wrapped ;)
  10. humm ... well IF there is a tobago carryall (whatever the color) in this house, i think it will be ... well how to say ...

    MINE !

  11. Lovely.
  12. Aww how nice..:smile:
  13. Awwww.... you're such a nice bf!!! :nuts:
  14. Awwwh so sweet :biggrin:
  15. oo. so sweet!