A LV Fairy Tale

  1. There once was a young woman
    that had great taste and style,
    but her wardrobe lacked something
    for a very long while. :sad:

    She lived in a city
    full of fake bags and sadness,
    and wherever she turned
    she would think, This is madness.:cursing:

    She searched for that 'something',
    which upon the first look
    would capture the essence
    of a fairy tale book.:heart:

    When, one day, she happened
    upon a forum of glee;
    meeting Lords and Fair Maidens
    with the same style, you see.:yahoo:

    And they saved her from a town
    that was so unaware;
    to bless her with knowledge and possibilities there. :yes:

    The young woman soon learned
    that she couldn't go wrong,
    and her grace was re-made
    with her first LOUIS VUITTON!!! :tup:

    THANKS LV tPFers! Pictures of my NEW Mono Speedy 25 will be posted when it gets here! Just wanted to share the cool news...:okay:
  2. cute story LOL!!!
  3. Great tale!! Cant wait to see pics!!
  4. Aha! Wow thats so good!!
    I love it!
    Congrats on your new speedy:nuts:
  5. I love the poem!!! And congrats on the new speedy!
  6. Very cute! Congrats on your first LV purchase!!! There's no turning back now!! You'll be hooked forever!
  7. I love your story! Congrats on your speedy, I can't wait to see pics! :nuts:
  8. love it! I want to read more!
  9. Excellent story!! Congratulations!!
  10. How lovely!!:tender:

    Congrats on your Speedy ~ can't wait to see the pics!!
  11. There once was a DooneyDiva
    Who all of a sudden got Speedy fevah
    She jumped on the wagon
    Her Dooney's lower lip was saggin'
    'Cause a pout was put there by mommy Diva!

    A new baby would arrive
    And DD's heart would be alive
    With a new sense of love and of pride
    From that French man Vuitton
    Yes, from this earth he's been gone
    But he still has followers

    So as not to appear needy
    the Dooney got greedy
    and tried to tell her mommy no
    Please don't buy the Speedy
    oh mommy, I'm your sweetie
    and I don't wanna hafta go!

    But in the mail next day
    Fed Ex did parlay
    The adorable new baby purse
    The Speedy is home
    Never far shall it roam
    And the Dooney is none for the worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great Story.
  13. Awwww...too cute! Can't wait to see pics!
  14. Lovely Can't wait to see the pics!
  15. Aw, cute story!

    Cant wait to see pictures!