A lucky escape!

  1. so tonight I'm late for the weekly pub trivia competition and thank gooodness I was! I asked my friend to save me a seat and she did but it was at the opposite end of the table and later one of the girls split a glass of red wine all over my friend! Had I been sitting next to her not only would my white jeans be ruined but also my white mc fringed speedy!!!!!! :cry: I made a vow at that moment to switch out my bag on Tuesday nights from now on. Now normally I believe that if you buy something it's no good just putting away in cotton wool, too afraid to use it for fear something might happen to it. But in this case . . .
  2. what a story, I also have a fringe speedy and I'm always afraid to damage it.
  3. Yes, now that I have a growing LV collection I tend to worry more about my bags than I used to!
  4. Whoa...that's kinda cool that your bag was destined NOT to get spilled on...
  5. Yikes!! That was a close one! I'm glad your speedy was safe!:smile:
  6. Whoa, that was lucky!!!! I would have died!!!!