A lucky and random Bleecker Pebbled Men's REVEAL

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  1. On the way back from Vegas today I stopped by the Tanger outlets in Barstow and walked into Coach Men's. As I previously mentioned in the Shopping thread, the Men's clearance section in Factory stores has been drastically reduced to 1/4 shelving in the back and is now full of MFF product. But for some reason on the second to the bottom shelf was a slouchy, pebbled bag.

    Pulled it out and it was the Bleecker Pebbled Weekender in Granite!! All clearance product was priced as marked and it was marked down to $227.99 from $658. Just a few blemishes here and there but overall the leather is buttery and smooth.
  2. Photos attached.

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  3. Beautiful! Love the color, it looks like it will be very functional. Great find!
  4. He's handsome! Congrats!
  5. That's one mighty fine man! :lol:
  6. What a great find! Congrats!
  7. That is a good looking bag! Congrats!
  8. He's handsome. 😍 Love the color, great find! Congrats!
  9. That is super nice! I LOVE Coach's men stuff. I have never seen a pebbled Weekender. It is awesome! Congratulations on a nice deal! Enjoy!
  10. I love the men's stuff. I almost like some of their messenger bags more than the MFF ones I've seen at outlet. Very nice!
  11. Granite is a gorgeous color and I love the Pebbled Weekender! Congrats on the great find!
  12. Gorgeous! I love the men's Bleecker bags, and for that price, he was a steal!
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. We need a man's opinion

  15. Looks great!