a loving surprise

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  1. i am just so happy that i got my very first balenciaga giant part time. it came as a surprise from my hubby who knew that i was really yearning for this bag. he came with me to the boutique for me to just browse coz i didn't know then that the particular style n color that i wanted would then be available. to my surprise, the s.a. informed me that they had it... my gpt in pink bubblegum & silver hardware. hubby had this beauty wrapped right away. he handed it to me with a kiss and said," happy birthday!" :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. wow, what a nice hubby!! happy birthday too :wlae:
  3. How cute!! Congrats & HBD ^,^
    Wanna see your newbie :yes:
  4. That's so romantic!

    Love, kiss, pink...

    Congrats!! & Happy Birthday!!
  5. this hubby is TDF !!! he needs to teach a TPF HUBBY 101 CLASS, RIGHT AWAY !!!! :nuts:
  6. That's so sweet! Happy Birthday & CONGRATS on a GORGEOUS bag.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
  8. wow u r such a lucky gal... WONDERFUL DH + AWESOME BAG. Congrats;).
  9. thanks! he truly is God sent... heheh
  10. i posted pics of my 1st bbag. i'm kinda wonderin' if it's a pink bubblegum or a frambroise?:confused1:
  11. Happy birthday! Post your new bag here so we can all share your joy!
  12. :idea: yeah, maybe he should have given it on valentine's!! :roflmfao: thanks!;)
  13. here it is. tell me what you think.

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  14. congrats :smile:
    I love the PT style with giant hardware!
    yours is beautiful :tup:
  15. What a sweet hubby! And the bag is gorgeous, I love Bubblegum pink. Lovely combo with GSH. Congrats!