A lovely SA story I had to share!

  1. When I got my call today about the heart coin purse all the employes must have been in the room because it was noisy! They couldn't have been on the floor because in the short time I was on the phone with my SA I heard about someone having sex last night...the F-bomb AND someone saying they hurt like hell. Finally I was put on hold..wonder what I missed?

    Ladies and Gentleman...our lovely SA's:roflmfao:
  2. hahahaaaa.......thats what they chit chat in the room...
  3. hehe, reminds me of that video from Disneyland Paris where the characters (snowman, minnie, goofy or was it a chipmunk, can't remember - it's on YOUTUBE) were in the back room attacking (fake humping) Minnie Mouse.

  4. :wtf: :lol:
  5. oh man....to me that's kind of unprofessional...but funny....

  6. lol. Seems like someone had a good time last night. :lol:
  7. wierd.
  8. :roflmfao:

    ok... i'm an idiot, what's the f-bomb?
  9. the word f**k
  10. If you only knew what me and my SA talk about! LOL We are VERY close and chat about Everything! We have become such good girlfriends!
  11. perhaps you call ur SA's cellphone? or it's right after meeting? gosh, i would've try to continue the coversation as long as possible for all the 'extras' lol
  12. hahah! :biggrin:
  13. HAHAHA! Oh the things people say when they think no one's listening. :blush:
  14. HAHAHA I love it!
  15. lol, they didn't even try to hide it. I'm glad they had some sense to finally put me on hold!