A lovely Reveal from Maplecottage!

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  1. For those of you on the forum who know Maple, I had a PM from her this morning with the wonderful news that her new baby has arrived!:smile:

    Joséphine Susanne was born in Denmark on 20th January, 4 weeks' early but still weighing a whopping 3.68kg, which is almost 8lb 2oz (crikey - imagine if she'd gone full-term!!!:nuts:)

    They are still in Denmark at the moment but hoping to return to the UK next weekend; Maple says she may not be around on the forum for a while until she gets some kind of a routine in place, but she's happy for me to share her news with you all in the meantime.

    Congratulations Maple and family, and welcome to the world baby Joséphine!:flowers:
  2. Lovely news. Congratulations to Maple and her family.
  3. Wonderful news and a beautiful name.

    Hope she is back soon.
  4. Fabulous news, so pleased mother and daughter are doing well. :smile:
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations, maple :biggrin: Bet it came as a real shock, but how lovely to have an international baby!

    Enjoy your babymoon :cloud9:
  6. Congratulations Maple and family!!!!!!
  7. Great news - wishing Mum & Baby all the very best!!:party:
  8. Congratulations Maple on the birth of your daughter & thank you MF for sharing. :balloon::yahoo:
  9. How lovely! Congratulations maple and family on a new arrival....had been wodnereing how things were....i too love the name....enjoy these first few weeks maple..xxx
  10. Congrats to MC and the family
  11. Congrats! Wishing you all the best, maple:flowers:
  12. Great news! Lovely name, healthy weight (with 4weeks early!? Must be counted wrong!? lol) Congrats to happy Maple family :flowers: Take care!!
  13. congrats to maple and her family! what a lovely name
  14. Awww how lovely congratulations:biggrin:
  15. Thats the best reveal news ever!
    Congrats Maple and gorgeous little daughter :smile:
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