a lovely pic

  1. hi does anyone know what sizes these bags are?
    I thought small, large and jumbo.
  2. My guess would be 224, 226, 228 ("itty bitty":lol: , Medium, and Jumbo)
  3. wow the jumbo is huge!!
  4. Gorgeous!! Does anyone know what color the largest one is? Thanks.
  5. Beth, that's the grey from 2005.:yes:
  6. That jumbo is huge.
  7. I love the jumbo bags.
  8. Thanks Mon. It looked kind of like the khaki/bronze but I knew it wasn't. I was wondering if it was a new color that I hadn't seen yet. This is going to be my next purchase so I'm checking out the colors. Now that I look closer at the pic I see that it is the gray. LOL!
  9. Is the jumbo on the reissue the same as the jumbo in the classic flap?
  10. I'm very new with chanel, and planning to save for it this January. I have noticed from several pics that some 2.55 has the double C with the lock, and some dont. I love the black 2.55 in lambskin with double strap. My sis is goin to singapore and I'm asking her to buy it for me... i want to make sure that i give her the right name or model of the bag i want. help!

    I love the idea of wearing it across the body. from the picture posted, i guess have to get the size 224...
  11. Holy moly! That jumbo is HUGE!
  12. love it.. thanks for sharing!