a lovely imitation IMO

  1. I agree! It's definitely the best fake I've seen in a long while. Creative and pretty! Which is a change. I would say that this is along the lines of imitation being flattery, asides from the abominations others can be.
  2. This is a designer inspired and I've seen similar designs in Korea.
  3. Yeah, I've seen that bag. It's very nice. But, will it last? I like the celebs w/ spy bag when ya scroll down some. The exception is that pic of Rosario Dawson.:wtf: That's the worse pic of I've ever seen of her. And I'm such a sucker! The pix of the models holding the spy bags... One of the models is holding a zucca. I'm like "THAT'S A NIIIIIICE ONE"!!! I have that doggone bag!:push: