A lovely Fendi Delivery today :)

  1. Hi everybody :smile:
    I received my new Fendi B bag today :yahoo: , and a lovely baby spy bag. Thought I would show you some piccies.
    Let me know what you think, I am positive about the B bag, but think I am going to end up using it all of the time, and make the baby spy feel left out :graucho:


  2. Congrats!!! Cant wait to see the pics!
  3. should be some showing now :smile:
  4. Fantastic choices! I really like the baby spy....:love:
  5. Congrats! Your bags look really great!
  6. congrats...
    That's TDF!! Can I ask what's the mesurements are?
  7. do you mean the baby spy marro888 ?

    if you do, the measurements are approx 13" wide, by 7.5" high, its 7" wide in the middle at the widest part, so it would hold an awful lot inside :smile:
    Hope that helps.

    I just wish I had purchased them separately, at any other time bagging a baby spy would have made me scream out loud :heart: , but I am overwhelmed by the B bag, as the size is perfect for me, and I have ordered the grey Fendi B and the Red Fendi B before, and ended up returning them as the colours were not ok for me. I finally feel like I have struck gold with the black and tan and want to shout it from the rooftops LOL :yahoo:
  8. Congrats, both are lovely!
  9. Chloe Babe the Fendi B looks fab on you - its just soooo the perfect size on you. You wear it so well. Welcome to your new best friend!

    The mini Fendi spy looks great as well. What are you not sure of? I guess for me I do really like it but because I'm 5 foot 10 then I opted for the large spy as it just went better with my build.

    See how you feel after wearing it out and getting used to it as it can take some time, I'm still trying to adjust to my spy bag!

    Once again, fab collection, lucky you!
  10. LOVE them both..Enjoy...soooo pretty on you!
  11. They both look GREAT on you - Congrats! The leather on the chocolate baby spy looks so soft and yummy - lol!
  12. han, so cute congrats, verry beautiffull! And really looks good on you!:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  13. Love, love, LOVE the B bag and it looks perfect with your black dress. Congratulations and wear it often!
  14. I love both of them! They look perfect on you!
  15. keep them both!!! baby spy is great for going out at nite!!!!!