A Lovely Dilemma ( May all my problems be so small....)

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  1. I am faced with a difficult decision.....
    I have accumulated lots of Nordstrom notes, so I could get my first City ( first Bal ) almost half-off.
    I have 2 bags on hold untill tomorrow at Nordstroms ( can`t decide which would be more wearable for everyday ) :
    Black city GSH, and another City that is mismarked- the tags say Black, but the SA said it is definitely Antracite, with GSH.

    My delimma - I am dying for a City, but have read here that the 05 ( and earlier) are the bags to hold out for, due to the higher quality leather.
    What do y'all think ????? Hold out for an 05, or go forward for a HUGE discount???? Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.
    ( I am also VERY excited as I just bought a Black 06 Chloe Paddy today , from a lovely TPF-er. Can`t wait to get that beauty! )
  2. go for the new anthracite
    1. it's not easy to find a 05 bag
    2. ^+ good price (if not ridiculous high)
    3. not in "good" condition
    4. huge discount-
    5. leather on bbags vary, so...maybe ur new anthra has better or same leather as the 05- who know
  3. Those both sound like great bags that will be usable classics so I would go for them as you have such a great discount set up.
  4. If I were you, I would go for the new bags due to its great discount. Among the two, they are equally beautiful. I would pick up the one with better leather. 2005 bags are hard to come by with great condition.

    Please post picture when you got it.
  5. It is hard to know which one to get - I have not seen either one IRL, and it is so hard to tell from photos which color the Antracite actually is.
    Looks like dark grey, light black, charcoal-y....jeez, might have to order both and compare.... good thing about Nordies is they will return anything.
    Has anyone posted Black and Antracite side by side? I have searched all the color threads, but have not found a comparison.
    Maybe the Antracite is a better choice since I just got a Black Paddy. Thanks for your input!
  6. I've heard the black's are very nice this season. I love and have some oldies - but sometimes I think the bloodlust for only '05 bags or earlier is a bit silly. I've seen early bags with thin or (heaven forbid) peeling leather - so really early doesn't guarantee a perfect bag. I think half the battle is seeing your bag in person and picking it yourself. At half off I would go for it - especially if you love giant hardware (since they didn't even make giant hardware in 05). Also some people love the distressed leather of say '07 - while others prefer the matte leather of '08, (I love both) you have to choose what you love, not others.

    Don't let others sink your ship - you can still find a lovely b-bag in any year. :heart:
  7. I say order them both and keep the one that sings to you. If you happen upon a worthy '05 at some point---then snag that one too!
  8. Agree with the others, use your discount and get a new City! Can't give you much advice on the colour, though. Anthracite is a beautiful neutral colour which seems to be very versatile, while black is - well, black is a classic that you can never go wrong with! I would get the one that has the best leather. And don't forget that "best" is what you like the most - people have different preferences, as beauxgoris said.

    Good luck, and don't forget to post pictures of the bag that you choose!
  9. I have an 08 SGH anthra city and it is so versatile! It's a medium/dark silvery-grey with a hint of blue, definitely not charcoal (which to me is more of a grey-black). But I agree that ordering both so you can choose the one you love most is a great idea. You don't want to be questioning your decision of the one you kept if the other is still stuck in your head (how I ended up with a SGH anthra city and GGH anthra work!).
  10. Getting a new bbag for 1/2 why wait for '05 and pay maybe above retail? Get the anthracite!!!!!
  11. Thanks everyone, I will definitely order both to make sure I get the one I love. I know each Antra is so different - the SA said this one was very grey.
    I will post photos of both together when they arrive.
    ( and I will still keep my eyes open for that perfect 05.... I am still so sad at just missing a Dolma 05 City that another TPF-er was selling the other day....)
  12. I would also choose the new bag, my 08 EB has fantastic leather, so don't be discouraged that "it's not 05!" Seen RERE's 07 City, it's phenomenal!

    I did also want to comment on how refreshing your title was. Often when someone posts about a bag dilemma you would think the world is ending or that it's a life or death decision, seeming to lose sight of the fact that in the end, it's only a handbag! Of course I love them and cherish them, but I just wanted to comment on your lovely attitude and perspective! I hope you get a bag you love!

    I wish you well,

  13. I like Bridget's advice. Get the new bag! Anthracites are known to have pretty decent leather IMO, nice and textured, not too thick but has good weight.

    She's right too, my new-to-me 07 Black City has absolutely TDF phenomenal leather!
  14. My pick would be new bag in Anthracite. The Anthracite is a gorgeous alternative to black. Here are pics of my marine, anthracite and black. All 08 bags. The Anthracite is dark and bluish indoors and more grey outdoors, IMO. The Anthracite is actually darker IRL than in this pic. It's because the bags are under a skylight.

  15. get the new bag! at least you get to choose the leather... :smile: plus the major discount doesn't come too often... at least for bbags...