A loved one on my finger?

  1. I did a search and, unless I've missed it, I didn't see this particular topic!

    I am curious to know what everyone thinks of this concept:

    Welcome to the LifeGem Home - Memorial Diamonds created from a lock of hair or cremated remains / ashes / cremation process

    My SO told me about it a couple years back, and has been adamant about wanting this done if something were to happen to him. Now, this could be viewed as obviously rather creepy, or something that may go against some religions (ground burials being necessary for some), or it could be considered a really nifty way to remember a loved one by others.

    I'm not against the idea, in fact, I'm rather fond of the idea, though it does of course still creep me out quite a bit. I do find that if you wanted a good way to physically remember your loved ones, well, this is a pretty good way to remember...since they could be on your finger set in white gold and such.

    This also works with pets...and while I shudder at the idea of one of my Chihuahuas being a gem stud in one ear and the other Chi being in the other ear, I do like the idea of having something to remember them by, aside from of course the wonderful memories. Because the idea of them decomposing in the ground isn't winning over the ashes-to-gems idea. Same goes for thoughts of SO :s

    Of course, I confess that I haven't studied much into it, so who knows, maybe they, in actuality, are handing you stones that have no such carbon of said loved ones in them. But I'm going on the idea that they are an honest business. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong ^_^
  2. I don't think I would be able to wear anything like that... [​IMG]
  3. No. I believe that once a person is dead there is nothing of the body remaining that 'is' the person. What made the person who they were - their mannerisms, their smiles, their pecularities, is now gone, and the remainder is just a husk. So keeping a part of that husk is not for me. Creating a gem from a person's remains is about equal to creating a gem from that person's leftover clothing, at least to me.
  4. Oh, I don't think it's weird at all (but I am bit of a freak)! Good use of a person's body IMO!! LOL I want to be a diamond! :nuts:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  6. Not a thing for me here. I totally agree with Merika.
  7. I've read about this when a local pet's mag editor lost her pet. I believe it was her husband who suggested this to her.

    That's basically everything that I know of it. :biggrin:
  8. Oh I understand that completely :yes: I'm the type of person that really appreciates physical reminders of a person, rather than relying solely on memories. The person and their personality/life may be gone, but the idea that I could look down at my finger and be reminded of them even more than just from memory alone is comforting. My Grandmother is 93 years old, and I know she won't be around for a substantial amount of of time now, but every little item she gives me when I see her is a precious item that I won't part with. So my SO wanting his ashes to be converted to a stone to keep with me as a reminder of him is the same as the concept of my Grandmother giving me a certain special item; it may not *be* them, but it is a nice, physical reminder. Of course, this only applies to people that desire to be reminded of their deceased loved ones. I could understand easily how having a stone such as this would only serve as a very painful reminder.

    I think it's a very personal, psychological thing. I suppose the idea of a gem I can wear is a much more comforting idea than ashes spread to the winds or a loved one buried. Maybe I have control issues, I don't know, lol :p
  9. I am not against it, it's fine for other people. I would much rather have a photo showing their beautiful smile.
  10. I read information on the website and I think it could be very comforting for someone who has lost someone very close to them. They also say that they don't have to use ashes, they can use a lock of hair, so technically the person doesn't even have to be dead now. I'm the kind of sappy person that they do this for, obviously, because I find it interesting.
  11. i find it interesting too
  12. I think it's creepy, personally.
  13. I've heard about this before, but I'm still not decided on whether I like the idea of becoming a diamond or not. I think it's a great idea though, especially if it helps people come to terms with their loss.
  14. This is very interesting. I'm not sure if I would do something like this but it's nice to have the option.