A "love" story to share.

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  1. My SO and I exchanged WG Cartier Love rings a couple years ago -- the plain traditional style for him, the 6-diamond band for me. We talked on and off about getting married, but it's not really "us". I'd hinted that the diamond Mini Love band would look awful nice stacked next to the 6-diamond Love ring. He always said that he would propose to me with that one, since I'm not really the big huge solitare type. So whatever. Life went on.

    Yesterday, he was antsy to get to the mall. He'd needed his glasses adjusted for weeks and was *****ing about it nonstop. We go to Lenscrafters. We go to NM and I go drool over the Balenciagas while he is in the bathroom forever. (He has Chron's disease. Bathroom disappearances are normal.) He comes out and wants to go to Cartier. This is like a girl on a diet window shopping at Godiva, but OK. We go in and the sales people descend on us like they always do. SO wants to look at the Love collection, and I'm beginning to wonder if he's got the generous bug up his ass and wants to get me something. (Who am I to argue?) They had the Mini diamond band I was drooling over and the SA goes Here, try it on and now it's like waving the chocolate covered strawberry in front of the nose of the girl on the diet. I pick it up and look at the size and it's my size, and so I'm like Oh wild, it's my size, too!. And then my SO goes that's because it's yours and I'm like, No no, you are not buying this for me. He said Too bad, it's already done and the SA looks like she's about to explode with the secret. It took a couple seconds to kick in and my SO goes It's yours, because I want you to know that I want to be with you forever and that's it, I'm bawling like a baby all over Cartier and the staff is all grinning like crazy.

    Turns out he decided to get the ring a couple days ago and they had to overnight the right size in, and he had conspired with the staff to plant the ring there and set the whole thing up. He'd prepaid for it so I couldn't tell him not to buy it (which is what I would have done). I still can't believe he did it and I thought you guys would get a kick out of the story, and, of course, the pictures!

    Stacked with the original 6-diamond ring:

    And by itself:

    It looks so shiny and perfect next to my VERY worn and loved other ring! I might wear it by itself until it "catches up". Or not. I don't know!! :heart:
  2. ^I don't see any pics, but would love to!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! can't believe the cartier SAs didn't tell you or offer to have your original polished. it will shine right up & look gorgy with your new beauty!!!

    what a wonderful story...thanks for sharing!
  3. Oh how lovely. I wish my SO would do something like that for me!!!!! I think I will tell him about this story - looking forward to seeing your pics. Congrats on your lovely new ring : )
  4. Congratulations! What a romantic story; it sounds like your SO is a keeper! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  5. Wow and congrats! Please post pictures as I'm not familiar with this ring. What a terrific SO you have!
  6. Congrats! nice story..but I don't see pics either! post them for our enjoyment :smile:
  7. I'm dying to see the pictures, must look so beautiful!
  8. I see the pics . . . Great story! Great rings!
  9. Beautiful story.........I can't see pics though!
  10. so odd. . . I'm able to see pics, I'm on a MAC {?}
  11. Very romantic! you're very lucky! I can't see the pics either but I'm very excited for you. Those rings must look great together!
  12. That is SUCH A CUTE STORY!!! Congrats!

    Sadly I can't see the pics.. I'm on a PC in Mozilla firefox.
  13. yaaaay congratulations!!! he did a fabulous job!!!
  14. yya congrats!!!

    (can't see the pics either!!! too bad! )
  15. I think I should get a MAC like swanky's!!!