A Louis Vuitton engagement...


Apr 6, 2008
*Warning* This is a long story!

I’m not exactly sure how to start, but I guess I will introduce myself as TFFC’s partner. We have been together now for over 4 years and when it came time to think of a fantastic way to propose to her I was lost as to how to go about it. I wanted this to be a special, memorable and most of all surprising moment.

So this is how it all came together…

TFFC had ordered the Empreinte ring from LV as a gift to me for our engagement. It had to be special ordered so would take a few weeks to arrive at the store. This gave me a reason to be in the store at the time and to hide the “real” reason why we would be at the store. The manager of the store made up a fake invitation for TFFC to attend a special appointment with her SA for the release of the new Richard Prince bags and a few other new items. TFFC had NO idea what the real reason for invitation ;) TFFC was however a little suspicious, so I asked Shalomjude from tPF to act like she was attending and had received an invitation. This drowned her suspicions in no time! (Thanks Shalomjude!)

I managed to arrange with the staff and manager of the store to place the ring I had bought for her in a monogram case, just like it would appear if we were picking up my ring. So after arriving at the store her SA showed her some new bags and we ended up buying the Tahitienne MM in beige. Meanwhile the store had closed its doors, and we had the whole shop to ourselves! The SA then asked us to wait a minute while he went out the back to get my ring that had arrived. He brought out the box and left us to have a look at it in person. The lights were dimmed, and TFFC’s favourite wedding song (Pachelbel’s Canon in D) began playing over the sound system. She still didn’t catch on, thinking that it my ring arrived after all.

So I slowly, (and quite nervously!) opened the box to reveal a platinum set diamond ring, and not a gold Louis ring… she was stunned. She couldn’t say a thing… at first she was confused about the ring, but it then dawned on her what was really happening. I told her there was no launch, that it was all a set up. I got down on my knee and recited a small poem I wrote for her. Then asked her to marry me. (She said yes :sweatdrop:)

Tears, (of joy?!) flowed for some time. We suspect all the LV staff were out the back watching us on the security cameras! They then all came out, gave TFFC a bunch of roses I had organised for her, and an arrangement of flowers on behalf of the store. They served us fruit mocktails (as they weren’t allowed to serve alcohol) and they even took a few photos for us.

The night nearly went on without a hitch. Apart from the ending, where I had organised for us to go for a walk on the beach (location of our first date), and have a picnic blanket set up with 222 (how many weeks we have been together) tea light candles placed around it, a bottle of her favourite wine and cheese all laid out for us. But it wasn’t meant to be. The weather had turned freezing and the rain was coming down, so I had to abandon the final part of the night. :sad:

But even though it didn’t quite go to plan, the night was still an absolutely memorable one. The staff at Louis were incredible to have allowed us to do this and to put so much effort into it. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could pull this off... but somehow... it all came together in the end... :wlae:

I just thought I’d share it with you all :smile: Thank you for reading!

Here are some pics of the flowers LV gave us, the ring, and of course the bag. The monogram items were a gift from TFFC to me for our engagement as well.



Sep 2, 2006
United States
WOWOWOWOW! Congratulations on your engagement. I think your proposal was so sweet and lovely. Partners like you need to give lessons on how to propose!!!! :yes:
Jan 22, 2008
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am speechless, but tell you the truth... I am touched! Wish you both all the best!!!



Apr 5, 2007
Congratulations to you both and what an incredibly cute story. Amazing plan and obviously very well executed too! ;)

The ring is just stunning and the bag is beautiful!

Best wishes to the both of you.


Bag Pervert!
Feb 25, 2006
OMG that is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Lucky girl :smile: the ring is stunning it was a beautiful story (even made me cry a lil) xxx


Jan 3, 2007
Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm still in the clouds right now, and I have an exam to study for tomorrow :P

Even now when I think of the moment the music came on and he told me there was no launch, I still get all teary...:shame: He convinced me the ring hadn't even arrived in Brisbane to be picked up yet - little did I know it had come two weeks ago!

Thanks also to Couturecreature who supported Shalomjude's "lie"! :flowers: Without you both the surprise wouldn't have worked!


Sep 26, 2006
:love: I'm so glad things went without a hitch R! That was some dramatic staging. But she's more than worth it! Congrats to you both and I wish you the best in life to come and enjoy together.