A LOUBOUTIN MIRACLE...........after my dog ate my shoes

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
several months ago i nearly strangled my dog(not really,but i evil-eyed him for a month)...he ATE my FAVORITE pair of black mid heel louboutins.
Seriously...I LIVED in these shoes and coudnt find another pair ANYWHERE in the heel heght i needed.
i sobbed everytime i looked at them....he ate the ENTIRE front toe and bttom of ONE shoe.BUT i JUST COULDNT THROW THEM OUT.:nuts:

I found quite the amazing shoe repair shop in Cherry Hill NJ...right by my hair salon.I took them in....very upset.I showed it to the one guy at the counter and he said....OH MY GOD,your dog???AGAIN??????(OK,they fixed 2 other pairs of lightly eaten shoes before for me..but THESE were actually INGESTED)
then he said...Im so sorry..NO WAY these can be fixed.My eyes were tearing up and i stated how much i spent and how i couldnt find them ANYWHERE.
So another guy comes up to me from back in the store and says..OK,Let me see if i can do anything with these...I could add a new toebox to both.
I said ok..he charged me a measly 40 dollars.
2 weeks later.....today..I go to pick them up.
He takes them out of the bag.........my jaw DROPS.they r NEW SHOES!
he put a cute toe cap on both shoes and reheeled and resoled BOTH shoes to match.They r SOOOOOO CUTE!
I almost kissed this poor guy as i was jumping up and down soooo HAPPY!
Taking a pic now of these new creations.My babies r BACK!


Feb 13, 2009
I'm so glad for you! I too know the pains of a dog gnawing on my precious shoes as it was chew toy. (least they were not CLs) and she is def out of that stage now. Shoot I scared her so bad she never goes near a shoe lol......

on with the pixs!! :biggrin:

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
here u go.and i dont mind that half the red sole is missing as the new ones r WAY sturdier!
These were VERY WORN SHOES too!I lived in them!i LOVE the new toe cap!(where there USED TO BE toes!LOL!)


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♥ CL Shoe Addict ♥
Jun 18, 2009
that is amazing!! He did an incredible job! I'm in NJ too and I am sooo glad you mentioned an excellent shoe repair shop in CH, close enough to me. My first thought when you said it was next to a hair salon was "Rizzeri".
Can you PM or tell me the name of the repair shop? It'd be great to know for future reference ;)


SofaKing PuertoRican
Mar 6, 2006
Great Job!!!!

I just returned from our Cobbler here in the city "Leather Spa" He is doing some work on 6 shoes. One of them need a lot of help and I hope he does a great job like your Cobbler did.