a lot of un-cautious people on Ebay

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  1. I was looking at a bag on Ebay. There is only one photo. I emailed the seller asking her a question. She didn't answer. I emailed her a second time asking if she has more pics. No answer. Auction ends in 3 days.
    The bag has multiple bids. I guess some people just figure if it's not right they'll file a dispute.
    Not for me. I'd rather go without the bag than have a problem.
    Wouldn't you think if you have an auction that's ending soon you'd be checking email and responding?
  2. Yes you would think that the seller would be interested in responding to your request.

    One photo would not work for & since description & condition is so subjective,
    would not want to take a chance. Going through a SNAD can be a time consuming
    matter. If your seller is not responding to your question, can you imagine if there
    was a problem?

    I'd look for the bag elsewhere with a more responsive seller.
  3. definitely
    I'm just amazed that she has multiple bids on the bag with the one photo
  4. +1
  5. I'm always confused by this as well.

    I sometimes will use a stock photo for my main photo, for color purposes (I sell cosmetics) but always include photos of the actual product within the listing.

  6. Not only does she only have one picture, but she doesn't even state the condition of the bag - e.g., excellent, very good. She just says preowned and it's a gorgeous bag. How would you be able to know about things like corner wear or condition of handles?

    Maybe these people who are bidding are only planning to go up to a price that's a bargain. I'm not bidding but I'll go back to see if it sells out of curiousity.
  7. People just expect eBay to take care of them.
  8. Some people must like surprises. I'm not one of them. LOL!