A Lot of sale bags at BV Florence

  1. My DH just visited BV store in FLorence. He said that lots of sale bags there, mostly 50% off... He doesn't familiar with BV at all. He said that there is this bag looks like sharpie bag, lots of wrinkle in the middle, and he wants to buy one for me. Did you guys know what kind of bag is that? Anyone has pictures of it? TIA
  2. There was a frame bag that had pleated and woven leather (saw it on sale at Neiman's Last Call last week) - that sounds like what he might be referring to. Can he tell you if it's unstructured or not? This is structured, framed, with a top handle.
  3. ^ It could be that one.. do you have the pics?
  4. This is the bag I thought of from your husband's description - it is currently $2152 on Bluefly.
  5. Oh, and I meant to say that I like the bag a lot so if you don't like it perhaps your husband could buy it for me?!?!
  6. I thinks it's not that one, but I wish it's that one... He said lots of wrinkle like sharpei dogs? really it;s drive me nuts understanding his term of BV bags... LOL...
  7. There are also some BV bags that are all pleated, not woven. Below's a picture of one in watersnake, but I'm pretty sure I've also seen them in ebano leather, too.
  8. Maybe BV collection in Italy is different from the US.. I really wish I can go there.. My DH said that the store is really big. They have lots of bags on sale, it's like one whole section for sale bags...
  9. Oh darn, I was hoping it was that one. I have seen one bag that looks like the leather is folded up like an accordion... I don't think I would say it looks like a sharpei, though! Does he have a camera phone that he can use to take a picture of it for you?
  10. ^Thanks mistikat, I think that's the bag!... oohh too bad, I don't like it, it's not my style...
  11. Good sleuthing skills, mistikat! The style is stunning! :tup:

    Sure we can't convince you otherwise, cutiekiara? ;)
  12. The Bergdorf one is already gone!! Wow, that's the one I like. I saw it at BV the other day on sale and it's really nice. cutiekiara, hope your DH can find something for you.
  13. hi nymph, i agree it's a nice looking one. saw it irl last christmas on sale at bv paragon, 30% off. i would grab it at 50% off, sure you won't change your mind cutiekiara?