A lot of jewellery

Oct 16, 2008
I have loads of jewellery I have a lot of beaded gemstone pieces, costume jewellery and a few gold pieces.

I am not sure what to do with all the costume pieces as I don't wear them a lot, but I don't think I can justify selling them as they cost alot of money.

As for the higher ended jewellery how do you store yours?

Do you keep them in a drawer in there boxes or in a jewellery box/tree?

I have 3 pieces of gold jewellery that mean the world to me but the rest I feel I can't sell because it was a gift and its that sentimental value but I hardly wear it.

I feel as though I would rather have a few pieces I wear often than lots of jewellery that doesn't get worn but where would I sell it?


Sep 7, 2008
somewhere in Europe
I have a friend of mine who didn't know what to to with old, beautiful perfume bottles , she did a wonderful piece of art with them , and exposed it in the guest bathroom .
Maybe you could decorate a mirror , boxes, notebooks, picture frames....
I would reuse it if you are attached to them , if not at all you can sell them , put it will give you pennies unless it's Chanel Gripoix or something collector ,

Other option , you could maybe do trades with consignement shops or antique shops.
Oct 16, 2008
After reading your reply, I decided to only keep the pieces that mean alot too me. So I now have about a third of my jewellery to keep. That way I know I will get the wear out of each of my lovely pieces and I have decided that as a treat I am going to buy something from Tiffany's.

I found a mirrored jewellery box I bought last summer that I have dug out and I have removed the dividers in the lid (thanks to Mum and Dad's idea) so I can store my bigger boxes in the lid.



Jun 20, 2007
Canada Eh!
i have a mirrored box too! i keep all my stuff in their original boxes in there (except silver and gold earings go in the earing tray) and costume pieces just get put in there. (i boxed up a lot of stuff so my niece or future daughter can play dressup)

also anything over 2k gets stored in a more secured manor