A Lost Cause?

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find China Glaze 641 (from the OMG collection) some where other than eBay? They are selling for like $20! I need this polish!!! If anyone can help I would appreciate it :smile:
  2. what is the name of this color? (or is the name 641? haha.. ><)
  3. It is the silver in the OMG collection. On the bottom it says 641, I think they all had numbers as "names" lol
  4. Oh.. I have this bottle.. it's actually called "OMG" haha..
    I remember a website that sells disc. nail polishes.. I will see if I can track it..
  5. If it is unavailable, are there any other brands that have holographic colors available? I found a site that has every color available EXCEPT the one I really want which is OMG :sad:
  6. nfu oh #061
    color club worth the risque
    gosh holographic
    chanel holographic