a long shot, but this would be the place to ask

  1. I was in a thrift store in Florida and I found this bag. I am almost certain it is a vintage knock-off, and oddly enough, I had a dream once where vintage knock-offs were valuable, but until that happens, I am wondering if this is a real Hermes or not.

    I do not know enough about them to have a clue.....yet....but after seeing all the gorgeous bags, I think I need a Blue Jean Togo....:yahoo:

    It seems like nice leather and it is lined with Blue Velvet, but it is not stamped inside and I do not recall ever seeing Hermes with a logo on the outside like this.

    What do you think?



    Thanks so much!!
    Junior Diva in training
  2. Can you post a picture of the entire bag along with a close up of the zipper pull inside?
  3. I'll let others speak up but I do not believe its Hermes. I'm sorry. It would have been a great steal if you found a real bag.
  4. Sorry, it is a fake.
  5. Um, I don't think it's an Hermes bag though. Sorry ...
  6. Sorry but it doesn't look like an authentic Hermes..:sad: Better luck next time!
  7. yupp hunni is fake...pitty...:smash: