A long overdue reveal!

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  1. I've been pining over the small cecilia forever and when I finally get it, I couldn't locate my camera charger...figures!
    So here she is finally! Sorry the pics are ginormous and the dirty mirror.. :shame:


  2. Cute! Love your t-shirt by the way.
    Glad you finally got one. It's lovely.
  3. Such a pretty, classic and versatile bag!
  4. lovely! congrats! it looks perfect on you. I like the updated strap with more leather for crossbody wear.
  5. Thanks SCO! The tee was a souvenir from the International Spy Museum in D.C. It has monkeys on it to signify: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil lol.

    Thanks BEB. I love her!

    Thanks kitcat! It's actually from RE09. The new ones have more chain on the strap.
  6. LOVE this bag!!! We're bag twins!! Looks gorgeous on you:smile:
  7. hot! so cute!
  8. Sneezz awesome bag and it's the perfect size for you. BTW we use the same baby wash!
  9. I really like it worn crossbody. Congrats! Its just lovely!
  10. Love it sneezz!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. the size is perfect for you. seriously, the cecilia is elevating your pajamas to a whole 'nother level. :P congrats on scoring such a classic staple of a bag!
  12. Love it! It really looks great on you. It looks so good on you that now I'm wondering if I need one of those.
  13. :okay: It's perfect -- like it was made for you!!
    You wear it extremely well!!
  14. gorgeous bag - congrats!
    i love quilted bags.
    it seems like this would be a great everyday bag because of the size and the fact that you can use it with a handle or a strap. plus it's not as common as some other MJ bags. great choice!
  15. Yay!! So happy for you! Such a beautiful bag and it looks perfect on you! Congrats!!