A Long Overdue Reveal - My January&February Purchases

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  1. I am very pleased to reveal my January and February Louis Vuitton purchases. As usual, they are an eclectic mix of recent launches: RTW, shoes, accessories and bags. I hope all of you will enjoy this reveal.
  2. ok lets go…..
  3. Here and extremely looking forward to your new items .. they're always so noteworthy.
  4. The first item in question was purchased over the phone more than a month ago. Multiple reveals on this forum made me realize I too had to have one, so I called LV and ordered it from Paris.

  5. 5:08 AM here in the Midwest...:happydance::yahoo::woohoo:
  6. The phone order was easy as pie and the item was delivered within three days. CS even called me after the delivery to make sure I was happy with my purchase.

  7. Here it is, my very own Pochette W.

  8. Very nice.
  9. The next three items were purchased in Milan, at the Louis Vuitton global store in Via Montenapoleone. Two of them were planned, one was an impulse purchase.
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    First, I'd like to show you my impulse purchase. A t-shirt from the current S/S pre-collection featuring the Lezard print.

  11. Next is my first pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers. I finally found a pair I like, it's the Propeller sneaker boot in blue.

  12. What fits in the Pochette W? Haven't see this IRL
  13. The third item purchased in Milan is a pair of sandals. Due to quality issues, I had to return the runway sandals from last year and was therefore looking for a substitute. I think I found a worthy replacement with these, the Porthole (gladiator) sandals.

  14. The last item was pre-ordered in Milan, but shipped to me two weeks after my visit there. The item in question arrived after the matching runway bags.

  15. This accessory will match Justin07's new bag and shalomjude's bagcharm.