A long bedtime story of sea mist and camels and pink rubies...


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Apr 20, 2006
Lenox & Phipps
Once upon a time, there was a girl who longed for the beautiful, classic companions she saw at the Coach market. She just knew Patricia or Willis or even the Stewardess would make lovely friends, but she could never afford to associate with such well-bred folk.

Then, the girl started to grow up. She made her first friend at Coach, and then another, and then another. She was happy for a few years, and then she found a magical world called tPF. At first it was a shining land of possibility, full of new friends and pretty treasures, but then the girl tripped and spiraled down a lonnnnggg rabbit hole, just like Alice following the white rabbit. Down at the bottom, she met many exotic characters, like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and even Hermes, the trickster god of transitions and boundaries. While these new friends were beautiful and irresistible, she missed her family and friends. The girl realized she'd gotten so far down the rabbit hole that she couldn't even see her way back. What do you think happened next, Best Beloved?

The girl found a candle and started peering through the dark. Little by little, she retraced her steps. The path was long and difficult, but she finally emerged back in the land of reality, on a sandy plain near the ocean. And there, waiting for her, was her old friend Coach, with a new friend named Preston. His texture was like smooth pebbles from the beach, like her old friend Chelsea from years past, and he was the same shape as the girl's new rabbit-hole friends Alma and Bolide. Preston was the best of both worlds!

So the girl set off to the Coach market with DH, her wonderful exploring companion. When they found Preston, the girl had to make a very important decision. At first, the siren of the sea mist called softly to her. Then, a gentle camel appeared, bearing gifts of pink rubies. Sea mist...camel...sea mist...camel... back and forth the girl vacillated, before finally settling on the lovely sea mist. The color was like the first soft, cool sigh of the ocean in spring, and it reminded DH of his home country far away.

The girl took sea mist home, and at bedtime, she brought the pale greeny blueness out of her sleeping bag to admire. Sea mist was truly lovely. Then, as she settled off to sleep...the girl could think of nothing but the camel with the rubies. She tossed and turned, envisioning the camel accompanying her to work and on adventures, helping her with his quiet strength, and giving her a flash of the pink rubies to make her smile.

The next day, the girl and DH went back to the Coach market to trade sea mist for the camel. When she got there, the market was closed due to a flood. So she went to a different Coach market in Far Far Away, where the people were kind. They welcomed sea mist back into their fold, and presented the girl with her new camel, complete with the shining pink rubies. The girl embraced the camel lovingly, but something still wasn't quite right: the bright rubies distracted her from the camel's simple elegance. So the girl put away all but a few of the rubies, and then the camel was perfect. The girl, DH, and camel Preston rode off into the noonday sun together, headed for their first adventure at the Factory of Cheesecakes.

Don't you just love a happy ending, Best Beloved?
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Sep 28, 2005
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A++ post! Congratulations and wonderful pics too.

I too strayed to LV and BV once, but much prefer "affordable luxury" these days.