a long awaited holy grail <3

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  1. it's gorgeous..congrats!
  2. What a fantastic color!! Congratulations on finding your HG!
  3. :yahoo: I am so glad you got your prune heloise :yahoo:

    You deserve it, you had to wait so long! it really suits you - I agree with the other comments, must be the difference in the colour - or maybe it's just the different leather. Hope this bag is light enough for you to use, it's really stunning. Congrats again :biggrin:
  4. Hey there, it does look fab on you! The black looked ok, but this is a lot nicer. I don't know what it is about black bags- they should go with anything, but some can be so hard to wear.
  5. BMB - what a gorgeous colour, its amazing. Congrats.
  6. You model her beautifully! Plum Heli is my fav! Have fun with her. :yahoo:
  7. 'All good things come to those who wait' and my god did you wait!!! Well done on finding your HG, you look gorgeous together!! Prune is such a beautiful colour, congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. congrats on your hg! it is still one of my favorite bags after over 6 months. so gorgeous!
  9. You new Heloise looks perfect on you!! Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Is the handle length same as the black Heli's?
  10. It's such a wonderful color and it looks amazing on you! Congratulations on getting you holy grail!! I hope you get much enjoyment from her!!
  11. yep exactly the same!! just the prune has pics taken with stuff in it?
  12. She's gorgeous! The prune is a perfect colour for you.
    I'm glad you finally found your perfect heli. :smile:
  13. Congratulations, BMB... I am glad you found your HG!
  14. thanks, im using her today!
  15. OMG, Sheree :nuts:! Love the Heli, love the colour, love the size :nuts:! It looks perfect on you!
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