a long awaited holy grail <3

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  1. here is a bag ive always loved since the first time i saw it.
    i couldnt make up my mind if i wanted to buy it or not, since it wasnt a complete bargain like some of my other bags.
    anyway postie dropped it off this morning and had to get to it quick before doggy ate it!:biggrin:
    this dog is as mad as hatter for packages, i think he thrives off of my excitement lol.

    heres my prune heloise, what do you think?

    modelling pic...
  2. gorgeous! looks great on you!
  3. It's beautiful and looks stunning on you. I love the color, it's TDF. Congrats on your prune beauty and enjoy.
  4. it does look lovely!!! Beautiful colour. A HG arrival is quite an occasion! :yahoo:
    And I am so glad little Jack Russell enjoying the moment too x
  5. Oh, what a stunner, BMB! Good on you for finding your HG bag - congrats! I simply love the Heli in prune - it's divine.

    Which size is this heli? is it medium? this looks somewhat shorter than the black? Think a heli has to move in with me someday too;)
  6. its funny because, the prune came and i thought ooo thats a nice size, yet hated the black one! ive just compared them and they are exactly the same size! the prune is softer and slouchy like butter and is lighter than the black one??? very strange!
    i have the prune bag loaded up with all my rubbish, when i took pics of the black one it was empty, here it is again for comparison...
  7. yes, that is a bit weird..:amuse: with the stuff inside the bag gets wider, and maybe therefore looks shorter..? Or maybe the lighter (splash of) colour makes it feel smaller/less 'hard', iykwim? Anyways, good that you feel it's a better size! It def looks fab on you!
  8. thank you x
  9. May I add my congratulations to the list BMB - the bag looks stunning on you - MUCH nicer than the black. Definitely a holy grail worth waiting for :P !!!
  10. Congratulations, the plum is stunning on you.
  11. Congrats BMB...she look amazing on you!
  12. b*m*b you and the bag look very cute! congrats on your HG!:woohoo:
    maybe the colour make you dislike it at first? it looks very stern in black while the prune is more youthful and sunny...i hope this makes sense but, from your pics, i also prefer the prune!
  13. Omg Omg Omg...Sheree, the bag looks fabulous on you :heart::heart:! DEFINITELY a keeper and she looks sooooo much better than the black! CONGRATS! (Oh, and btw, I LOVE that pic of your pup trying to open your package :lol:)....
  14. wow... what a lovely color... looks really good on you! Love your dog too)
  15. I am very happy that you found your long awaited holy grail -Didn't expect an Heloise though :nogood: at least not in this size especially after you didn't like the black one ;)
    It is gorgeous love the the color :love:
    Thank you for the modeling pix - you look very cute with both bags
    Love the dog too
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