A long and winding road to H-appiness...

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  1. Disclaimer: this is going to be a long post to be done in several stages... so please bear with me!

    The beginning of my H story...

    Rewind to 3 months ago... I've aways admired H but never attempted to walk into the lone store in my country because I felt intimidated. But then I figured, it couldn't hurt right? So i walked inside... very few customers... beautiful bags and scarves on display... then my attention turned to the jewelry section. There was a lady being shown a beautiful light blue birkin. A male SA saw me looking, so I dared to ask. Is there a Birkin or Kelly for sale? And I got the answer I expected: sorry, that is the client's order. The waiting time is around 2-3 years if I wanted to get one. Even if I expected that, I felt sad. I don't think I'll ever get one! So I walked around, not really enjoying anything anymore, then left. But I said quietly to myself, I will be back. And that bag will come home with me!!!
  2. With more determination, I went back to the store a month after that. Browsing the kelly dog and CDC bracelets on display, i was in awe of the exotic skins available. I tried on the lizard KD, but to my disappointment, it didn't fit me. So I tried on the extreme, but it didn't look right. So i left again... but as I was walking outside the store, I realized I didn't want to leave the store empty-handed. I won't be defeated!
  3. Go, go, go :smile:
  4. So I went in again, and I was immediately greeted by a very friendly and charming female SA, unbeknownst to me, would be my H fairygodmother. So she assisted and helped me pick up my first H goodies: black epsom cdc and white clic clac. I was sooo happy! I thought then, you don't necessarily have to get a B or K to be happy! Lots of beautiful H goodies to look at and enjoy, if we just stop obsessing over certain bags!
  5. Congrats on your H goodies, I love bracelets (Clics and Cartier, I have to admit)... Enjoy your bracelets and maybe share a pic?
  6. The longer I looked at the display cases, the more I felt enthralled by the enamel and leather bracelets... the shoes... and the scarves!!! I live in a tropical country with a heat index of 40 degC on very bad days... silk is absolutely not useful! But I couldn't stop myself... so eventually I gave in to the accesories... here's my late kitty 20160522_212957.jpg Mary Grace playing with the H boxes... 20160522_202259.jpg
  7. Thank
    Thank you for being here! Loading pics ;)
  8. Then one day, I went in the store and noticed this Picotin GM clemence in rouge pivoine and it called me! It didn't want to stay in the shelf any longer. She wanted to go home with me! And of course, she won't go home withouy a scarf friend :yahoo::loveeyes: 20160501_194138.jpg
  9. Here's my bag and accesories with my minion friends. This was my small H collection 2 months ago. It has grown a bit bigger since then :happydance: 20160501_213406.jpg
  10. Love stories like yours. Beautiful selections- picotin looks so alive and vibrant in that color. I am especially in love with your scarf. Do you know if it is still in production?
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  11. Love your Picotin, gorgeous color! And your avatar...:giggle:
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  12. and...? pls continue, lovely storytelling here :biggrin:
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  13. Thank you! The scarf is calle flots, fleurs et frontaux from fall 2015. I got it from the store past its season so I think its still there in the bottom of the shelves But I think there's still one on the US website but in a different CW

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  14. I have been regularly visiting my SA every 1-2 1469090476276.jpg weeks, buying trinkets, til I finally had the courage to ask... How can I buy a B or K? She smiled apologetically that she can't offer me one now. But if I establish a history with them, she can offer me one and it wouldn't take years

    Fast forward to 1 month, she sent me a picture of my 2nd baby... Evelyne GM clemence in blue saint-cyr. At this point I was constantly bugging her for an evie, GP or pico in blue nuit which is out of season... but when I saw this evelyne in person, I just fell in love

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  15. But of course, I was still texting and visiting my SA for anything in blue nuit.. but I guess I would just have to wait... then she offered me GP 36 in etoupe! I said I will think about it, but then it got sold. Then I saw a lady with it and it looked very elegant and understated. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago... my own GP came :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: 20160703_222717.jpg