A London girl asks . . . .Alexandra Knight?

  1. Hello, forgive me if this seems like an ignorant question, but as a London based bag loving gal, I came across a brief piece on Alexandra Knight in an American magazine yesterday and wondered what you guys think about her bags? Looking at her website today (yes, I am that bad!), I thought they were gorgeous, expensive and surprisingly difficult to locate even in the USA. I'd love to hear the wise words this place always generates . . .!
  2. hey there,

    I have been looking into getting one of her bags. I love exotic skins and she custom makes the bag for you. You pick the style & which skin (croc, lizard, ostrich) and then she will make the bag for you. She is located in Houston and you need to make an appt. Luckily I also live in Houston, so my husband and I are going to make and appt to have a bag made. We will probably wait till after the holidays . . . but I will keep you posted.
    I hope my answer helped.:nuts:
  3. Oooh it did, thank you! Please let us know how things develop
  4. I just ordered one of her sale bags. It is amazing!
  5. I have been by the shop and no one is ever there, are they really in business?
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