A little Whiskey anyone?

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  1. I love that bag!!! It looks wonderful on you! Congrats!
  2. Beautiful ! I was close to buying this bag at the outlet last week. I didn't because I just bought an Ali in December and needed a big bag, otherwise I would have bought it, I carried it around with me the whole time !
  3. That is a GREAT bag!! I just picked one up today at the outlet!! It looks AWESOME on you!!
  4. The whiskey leather is TDF! :drool:
  5. The Whiskey is TDF!!! I need one!!!
    Poor Spookey getting spayed...I'm allergic to cats but I still feel sorry for the girl...I had that done to a Scottish Terrier that I used to have, and I think that she held it against me forever. Oh well, it's a necessary thing for sure!