A little Whiskey anyone?

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  1. Here she is, Legacy Whiskey shoulder! Her sister Raisin should be here on Friday or Saturday.


    Spooky, giving her some love. Spooky gets spayed Thursday :Push:



  2. Looks fabulous on you! Congrats on a gorgeous bag. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whiskey leather! Enjoy!!!
  3. I LOVE your bag and the way it looks on you, so FABULOUS!! Thanks for all the pics, I like to see the things you put inside, what you can fit in it. I have this bag in black and I luv, luv it so much, the front pocket is perfect for my sunglasses or my 80gb ipod. I can fit all my necessities in it and if I need a larger bag sometimes I do, I switch to my large belted ergo. Congrats!!!!
  4. I LOVE it!!!! I have an '06 whiskey one and a '07 black leather and a black/khaki signature...I LOVE these bags! :smile:
  5. I love whiskey...you can never go wrong with whiskey :smile:
  6. Love it! :tup: OT: I see you work at Costco, I pm'ed you! ;)
  7. the best color Coach has ever made! I love the way these legacy bags break in and become a whole new bag! yay! How tall are you?
  8. Beautiful!! Whiskey leather is just gorgeous. Congrats, and cant wait to see the Raisin - you will love it as much as the whiskey!!
  9. Looks great on you! I have the '06 version and I was thinking of selling.. maybe I shouldn't.
  10. Congrats. I have this bag in black and I love it the style, and the 06 in Whiskey.

    ... I can't wait to see the 2008 shoulder bag.
  11. Beautiful! I have this one also. I didn't get to post my pics yet. I should though. It looks great on you! Congratz!
  12. Congrats! Spooky looks spooked, haha.
  13. I am 5'2" and "trying" to lose some lbs! :sad:
  14. Thanks girls :flowers: I really do love her. I actually think she is going to be a GREAT fall bag!

    Can anyone tell me where to get some of the apple conditioner that is being talked about so much on here? I went to Coach.com and did not see anything apple. Just a moisturizer.
  15. Here's where to get the Apple Leather Care (Moisturizer)

    It's time already for me to order some more. I go through it fast as I pamper my bags.