A little Veruca Salt energy over here

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  1. I want my Magenta LE City NOW!!!

    I think I found an oval clutch in greige and truffle (so I had the SA send me both so I can choose) today :yahoo:

    And I want that NOW!!!


    I am going to end up down the Bad Egg shoot if I'm not careful over here. :sos:
  2. Yay! Congrats! Please post pix when you decide on which one! I think we all have a little Veruca ;) in all of us! Before you know it she'll be here!
  3. haha I totally feel you.. But when i read the thread title i thought you were talking about the band.. i love them! haha. It's my bedtime ;)
  4. hee hee!!!
  5. I love the name VERUCA----*sassy*!!!
  6. YAY! Love the OVAL! Can't go wrong with either colors.
  7. You found TWO ovals?! Lucky you! And your on the list for a LE Magenta? :nuts: I know waiting is a pain, but you've got some beauties on the way. I'm sure they will be worth the wait. :yes:
  8. Frozen, I have been thinking of changing my screen to Veruca :graucho:

    ICB, I am going to need your guys' help in deciding which to keep and which to return (I am getting them from NM so that should be easy).

    Kate, I know, I couldn't believe the SA found one in "grey" (greige? or gris fonce???) and another in truffle. I couldn't choose on the phone so I asked if she'd just send both to me.
  9. LOL, you're going to end up keeping both :P
  10. Oh girlycharlie, that already crossed my mind!!! :angel:

    Can anyone post pics of their Greige, Gris Fonce, and Truffle oval clutches???

    Ya know, just to get me by :whistle:
  11. Oh, hmwe, you're hilarious!!!

    After Rouille, you're on a roll, girl!

    I LOVE my Oval so mcuh, and after seeing Incoral's fab.Greige, I'm beginning to lust after Greige Oval! You really can't go wrong with either one of the colors....or perhaps you'll end up keeping them both?:graucho:
  12. Oooh, that's gonna be a hard decision. Unless, of course you just keep BOTH!! :P
    Can't wait to see the pics!!