a little upset at ebay seller

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  1. So I recieved my fuchsia pm reade today through the post - but it was folded in half- I now have to stuff it to get its shape back if I ever can :sad2:.

    Who the hell would do that .. just so the can get cheaper shipping costs - oh I hate those ebay sellers. :sad2: I paid enough money for it to of been shipped to me properly:evil:

    Thanks for letting me vent:oh:
  2. I would be SO PISSED :mad:
  3. That sucks! I'm sorry that happened to you. You should definatly complain, maybe they'll refund your shipping or something.
  4. you know what, i change my mind, i would be BEYOND pissed. what kind of idiot folds a purse like that in half????
  5. :evil: I would send it back today! And state your reasons. Especially if you paid enough to have it shipped in a bigger box! Totally unacceptable. Hope you resolve this soon.
  6. I would at the very least, demand a refund in S/H considering it wasn't properly shipped in the 1st pl! Also, I would give them neg feedback for sure!

    Angelica - I'm in AZ too, whereabouts?!
  7. I would definitely e-mail them and explain to them your dissatisfaction.
    I'd give that bag exactly _____ days to straighten itself out or it gets shipped right back to sender.
    Maybe stuff it warm it up somehow{?}
  8. The bag was in mint condition and still a good enough deal for that colour - so I am gonna give it till after the weekend to see if it will pop bag into shape .. if not I will ask for a refund... I am so upset at the mo .
  9. That really suck:evil: If you still want to keep the item I say at least demand a shipping refund.
  10. If I were you'd I'd go ahead and e-mail the Seller though. It's really not right for you to waiut a week and THEN e-mail them, they need to know ASAP even if you don't intend to ship it back. Maybe they'll make you an offer out of good faith.
  11. Just be careful about leaving negative feedback. You don't want a negative mark on your record as well.

    Hopefully you'll be able to resolve something with the seller.
  12. yeah you are right ... I will give them a shout .. Thanks
  13. That is just so wrong of the seller. I sent out my petite noe to a board member from here yesterday. I packed it in a large box with the inflatable bags inside (to hold the bags shape), then wrapped with layers of tissue paper. I don't care if I am buying used LV or not; it still should be presented nicely.
  14. Hey Becca--thanks for sending the bag so well :smile: :smile:
    I can't believe the lack of pride the seller took in their product. Let us know who it was so we make sure not to buy from them!!
  15. WTH!! Definitely email the seller and voice your concern about how the bag could've been damaged the way she shipped it and that you didn't pay xx amount for it to be shipped that way. Make a big fuss and threaten to leave negative/neutral feedback.

    on the other hand, glad you got your bag!