A little upset about BBags...

  1. I have always loved them and since I am only 23 I never thought i would be able to justify spending so much so i broke down and bought a besso one even though i am not a fan of fakes, it was beautiful quality. Anyway I ended up buying a VG city a few months back and although i LOVE LOVE LOVE my real bbag, i am surprised by the quality....

    I find tha even though i baby it and appleguarded it, it gets scrathed easily, handle and lace gets dirty, and the sealent on the handle edges splits...I even went to the store to look at new bbags and they all this already happening!! On my besso bag, i have not had any problems and i can throw it on the floor and not have to worry at all!!!!

    Anyone else have these problems? I think the thing that makes me the most mad is the sealent. I have never had a bag do this!! Even ones that cost 20 bucks!!!
  2. My Chloes had the same issue with the sealant. :sad:

    My bbags are all wearing very nicely otherwise though. :tup:
  3. Never heard the term besso, is that a term meaning a replica? Anyway, my bbags have always worn fine, no problems. I don't use any protectants on them, and even with a white city, no problems....
  4. The sealant issues have been mentioned here before and IIRC a handbag repair place can possibly reseal the edges.

    Try Lovinmybags.com, ArtBag.com or margarets.com (handbag repair places)

    Also I'd ask BalNY what they'd recommend too.
  5. i recall being educated on "Besso" from a fellow bal girl in the states about 18 months ago. she advised that they're leather, very similar in style to the motorcycle bags & are sold in a lot of US department stores. she sent me comparrison pics & i must say i could hardly tell the difference. personally for the money (i don't recall their actual price but it was a few hundred dollars anyhow) i would much rather have a bal. i doubt they were fakes cos she was a huge bal fan & she also introduced me to the atelier naff site. :heart: if your out there L.
  6. Where did you buy your Vert Gazon city bag? I know that if you bought it through Neiman's, you can take it to them and have them send it to Balenciaga for repair (to fix the cracking/chipping sealant). You won't even have to pay anything since it hasn't been a year since you bought it. Same if you bought it through BalNY. I don't know about other retailers.

    ETA: I see you bought yours from BalNY...so call your SA and arrange to send it to be fixed. The cracking/chipping of the sealant is a common problem, btw.
  7. Definition of a Besso bag:

    "Besso brand handbags do a fine job of taking major name designs like Hermes and Marc Jacobs and making them into something fresh, new, and affordable. At a fraction of the price of the original big name designer prices, Besso bags range in price online. In transparent colors like white, rose, lime green, military green, rust, and maroon, it's easy to choose a match for your favorite outfits. Now all you have to do is decide which fun accessories to throw into your Besso to show off. All Besso handbags come with dust covers bearing the Besso logo."

    Excerpt taken from Handbags 101
  8. I think there's no point in going anywhere other than the source to get this fixed...especially since it's within the 1-year warranty period. Even if it isn't within the warranty period, Balenciaga charges LESS to fix this kind of thing than anywhere else you might go. BalNY quoted me $30 to re-do the sealant on the handles of my black city.
  9. Many many thanks!!!!!!!!! I had no clue they fixed bags at bbal so now i am super excited now! Does anyone have any idea of how long it may take? I am currently living in dublin but I will be back in the states in 2 weeks and I could ship it to them from there so its cheaper and that is where i bought it.

    I just sent Daphne an email so hopefully I will hear back soon and she says they will fix it!
  10. I am sure they'll fix it for you!