A Little Update! (Even thought it's a bit delayed..)

  1. Hi guys! I just want to let you know that I gave birth already last August 8 to a baby girl! I know you saw my posts over the General Discussion forum whether a name Luella Andrea or Audric Andrew sounds good to you guys and guess what?! I just had another baby girl! :biggrin: Anyway, here are her photos...

    On the first photo, she's still less than a month old, and on the second one, she's already one month old. :biggrin:

    Thanks again!
    n510614106_95399_7835.jpg 1_125181314l.jpg
  2. Congrats. I know you are elated and super busy now
  3. ^Thanks! yeah... i'm very, very busy with my baby right now because we don't have anybody to take care of her.. Only me and my husband! That's why I'm a bit quiet at the forum at the moment.. But as soon as I get back to work again.. I'm back with my everyday posts! :biggrin:
  4. what a cutie pie~ congratz!
  5. She's beautiful!! Congrats!
  6. She's so sweet! Congrats!
  7. what a beauty, babies yawning are soooo adorable :love:
  8. Oh, she's SO cute! Congrats!
  9. Rica -Congrats! She's so cute...
  10. congrats! She looks adorable...I just want to pinch those cheeks!! :p
  11. Congratulations! She's beautiful!
  12. Awww, what a sweetie! :tender:Congratulations!
  13. Congrats! She's a beautiful angel.
  14. Such a cutie pie! Congrats!
  15. She is so cute. Congrats.