A little unexpected treat for myself

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  1. i have been stalking for a grey bag for a long time.. days ago. i came across this beauty. it's from 2007 and sit quietly inside the shelfs. i didn't know until asking the SA to open all the shelfs for me :P

    i don't know the style name, is it "small tote"???

    anyway, i'm glad that it's grey, lambskin, can be carried on shoulder or on the arm. plus, it's a classic :P
    also, it's not affected by the crazy price increase last year. it's around US$2100. i saw somewhere that a black caviar one retails for $24xx now and i thought i got a great deal (well, i must be crazy for thinking $2k is a great deal). :nuts:

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  2. Congrats. I think this is the timeless tote. The colour is lovely! Any modeling pictures?
  3. So Pretty....timeless tote :heart:H
  4. oh how BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats! It's gorgeous!!! I'm definitely visiting that Chanel to see if there are any hidden treasures there! (:
  5. i just found that this thread is my 500th post. :yahoo:

    aurora and habanerita, thanks for your compliments. i'll take modeling pics tomorrow since i just finished bath and lazy to dress up :P

    jeshika. thanks too. i'll post some "to-be-discovered" items on the HKCA thread, i love treasure hunting a lot :P
  6. I love the color. It is so unusual.
  7. Wow, lucky you. Chalk one up for having the SA check the back part of the shelves!
  8. it's so pretty! congrats! I've seen it in red caviar and I loved it!
  9. gorgeous!!!
  10. so pretty, nice treat.
  11. Cutttte! This is really cute! We need modeling pics! ;)
  12. I love grey bags, congrats!
  13. Congrats billbill, it's lovely! Didn't know they made it in grey!
  14. Congrats, i really love the colour.
  15. Gorgeous, love it!~