A little turquoise something to brighten my day!

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    I received yesterday a long awaited turquoise birkin, 30 in chevre...which has been in the works for the last month!! I totally love the color, size, and the leather of course makes the bag very light! I am very happy with my collection and for now, it's the last major purchase and I will lovingly use all of my bags....it's been a whirlwind for me the last few months of Hermes everything!! My son will appreciate me being done so he can go to college in another year :rolleyes:
  2. Congratulations! She's a beauty! I'm a little sad to hear that this will be your last major purchase for a while, but hey you'll be even more overjoyed when your son receives his diploma!
  3. Congratulations on your beautiful new Birkin. She is fabulous !
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!! It's absolutely lovely - enjoy!!
  5. what a beauty ! congrats and have alot of fun with her

    IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Can we get a closer and crisper picture of that Chevre by chance??? (I am a pain, but I love chevre and I am sooo dying for a chevre bag)

    You are soooo lucky. Wear it well and wear it every time you visit your son at college. Oh, and remember you need a present when he graduates from college!!! Start looking!
  7. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :love: :biggrin: :yes: It looks great on you!
  8. It looks great on you!!!:love: :love:
  9. love the pics, thanks. i forgot, about how tall are you?
    you carry the bag well. enjoy!

    ps i LOVE your choice of hw and i adore the gold - have the same watch and would definitely choose gold hw (some ppl recommend matchy matchy to compliment your jewelry, but that is limiting... and i wear yellow gold too). ot - it was stressed to me after 2 required repairs that the watch is meant to be worn much more fitted, and not, in fact, like a bracelet. that wearing it loosely does not truly allow it to self-wind properly, puts stess on the bracelet, and leaves the case vulnerable to getting thwacked into something. just thought i would share the lecture that i got. i'm used to wearing it "properly" now and i actually like it very much.
  10. Oh, wow! It's beautiful! Congrats! It looks great on you.
  11. That is one KILLER color! That'll stop traffic for sure! Congratulations!!!!
  12. Your new bag is absolutely gorgeous:love: and you wear it well! I think the hardware choice was perfect. That gold really sets off the beautiful, rich turquoise! YAY for you!!!
  13. shoes, it is fabulous!!!!!! wear her with pride!!!!
    It is gorgeous, everything about it!!!
    i would use it year round-it would look stunning with a brown moncler down ski jacket!!!
  14. Thank you all!! I love the color - I am definitely a blue and a bright color girl and this just looks stunning - especially today with a black raincoat (something I don't like w/my potiron one!) - BTW, I am a shrimp at 5'2" (on a good day lol!) -- when I opened the bag I thought I received the 25 by mistake....it looked small - but in using it's still the right size - and I love, love the color! KB I will try to take a pic later this afternoon as I'm at work now! I do like the gold - I wear both silver and gold and mix and match and am not bothered by anything...I fell in love with the color of the bag and the chevre just sparkles! Even on a rainy day such as today...HH thank you for the info on the watch..I kind of like how loose it is but that is good info and maybe I'll get it adjusted! Arcangel, I thought of the bag with winter jackets and I do have a brown shearling that it would look nice with! KB - go for fuschia!! A bright bag is a real joy to carry!
  15. Wow! Stunning! Gorgeous! Fabulous! That is the bag of all bags! Congrats to you!