A little Tokidoki collection, a lot of pics!

  1. Newbie here, just thought I'd share my little collection with you...
    I'll have to make a few posts to get all the pics in!

    Current bags:
    Notte/OP Ciao Ciao
    Foresta Ciao
    Inferno Stellina
    Tutti Ciao Ciao
    Spiaggia Bambinone
    Vacanze Buon Viaggio

    There are still several things I'd like to add to my collection. Style-wise, I need a Cucciolo (desperate for one of these to use as a laptop bag, but can't pay eBay prices!) and a Mamma Mia (I think this would be my ideal size for an every day bag). As for prints, I want a L'Amore and a Playground, and possibly a Transporto if I can get one for a good price. I'm not really a purse fanatic, but the Tokidokis are so fun, and I know I'll get great use out of them... Well, thanks for stopping by! :p
    tokin2.jpg tokii1.jpg tokii2.jpg tokif1.jpg tokif2.jpg
  2. More pics...
    tokis1.jpg tokis2.jpg tokit1.jpg tokit2.jpg
  3. And more pics...
    tokiv1.jpg tokiv2.jpg
  4. wonderful
  5. nice collection :drool:
  6. Ooh, I love them all!
  7. Very cute pieces!
  8. Very nice collection. Love your Foresta Ciao.
  9. Thanks everyone! I really love them all. I bought 3 (Foresta, Inferno & Vacanze) of them from LSS online so I didn't know what print placement was going to be, but they turned out good! :heart:
  10. I LOVE your inferno stellina. What a great placement!
  11. cool~
  12. i'm quite jealous.. lol XD
  13. Thanks again!
    Just added a Famiglia Cucciolo and a Notte/Citta Ciao to the collection... (got both for 1/2 price on eBay!)