a little the same? Papillon and Speedy?

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  1. I have a Speedy 30 in Mono, now I am thinking of getting a Papillon(not sure in which size yet though), but since the papillon is more a handheld bag (I know it can be held as a shoulder bag as well, but not really to me), is it a little the same? the feeling?

    All the Papillon and speedy owners, please give me some idea..:shrugs:
  2. I think they are two totally different bags. I think the papillon has such a DEFINITE shape to it. I have one on my wishlist, but in the damier canvas.
    Go for it!:biggrin:
  3. I think they're different...

    speedy - box/triangle shape
    papillion - circle

    at least you have the option to make the pap a shoulder bag whearas speedy is strictly hand held! if you think they're too similiar why not go for Damier papillion! those are awesome!
  4. i like the fact that you can loop the strap of the papillon under the other strap and wear it as a shoulder bag...I just found that out when I joined tPF
  5. I have a Damier Speedy 25 & a Damier Papillon 30 and I find that I can put more things in my speedy. The Papillon always feels packed & I just take out the baby one because it takes up so much room. I do like that it's a shoulder bag though.
  6. The monogram papillon was my first lv and first designer bag ever. My parents bought it for me before I went away to university 5 years ago. I've never actually used it in earnest until now, and I'm glad I finally came around, because it really is a chic, mod bag, and not as hard to get in and out of as many people claim.

    I never use it as a shoulder bag; it is strictly handheld for me. I just hang it on my wrist by both handles, and stick my hand in my coat pocket.

    Easy breezy!

  7. i happen to have both! I have a pap 26 and a speedy 25. I like the speedy more because its bigger!!
  8. Different bag..have boths and love both shapes...
  9. is it possible to have always one side of the papillon heavier than the other? coz it is hard to keep the balance when you are walking..
  10. I have the two Speedy 25s (Mono and Damier) and a Mono Papillon 26. I use the Pap when I am wearing younger, trendier clothes and the Speedies when I am in a more "classic" mode. I'd love to get a Damier Pap 30. I think they're both fantastic bags!
  11. no very different. i have a mono speedy 30 and a mono papillon 26. never once did i think they are similar in any way. get it!
  12. I have the Damier pap 26 and the Damier Speedy 30 and I love both! I don't think they're the same at all. The Papillon 26 can hold a lot, but it doesn't look big, so you can wear it when your dressed up as well. I don't mind that I can't wear it on my shoulder, because I prefer handheld bags.
    If you have a speedy in Mono, I'd suggest to get a Pap in damier! I think it looks better in damier because of the contrast between the round shape and the square pattern and also because there aren't LV's upside down on it.
  13. I have both...they are very different bags.

    As far as "same" bags, I have the Viva Cite MM and the Popincourt Long...they to me seem a bit similar...but still different enough for me to own both!
  14. I have a mono speedy 25 and damier papillon 26. They are totally different. No doubt the speedy holds a lot more stuffs. I will say speedy (especially in mono) looks more casual, and papillon looks more feminine.
  15. I don't think they're similar at all.