A little tax season "pick me up"

  1. I've been working TOO much this tax season and was lured to Hermes.com, while slaving over my laptop. I felt a coffe mug was an appropriate gift to myself given the occasion and then thought, oh what the heck might as well throw in a new happy scarf....
    DSCF0932.JPG DSCF0933.JPG
  2. Love the mug and scarf, congrats!!
  3. LOL! A perfect pick me up! Congrats. I like your mug!
  4. SMS~beautiful choices!!
  5. I've often looked longingly at the mugs then remembered all the little hands that help make my coffee!! So I live vicariously through you! They're gorgeous, congrats!! :yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous both of them, congrats!!
  7. Very nice pick me up! Well earned, I have no doubt!
  8. Niiiiiice!! Congratulations!!! Beautiful!!
  9. Congratulations...those are great "pick me up" items!
  10. Any vessel that serves or holds coffee is good! And love the scarf!
  11. How cute is that mug- congrats!
  12. Fabulous!!!! I love to reward myself with Hermes goodies!!!!
  13. Lovely! Congratulations!
  14. ooh beautiful! love the print on that scarf!
  15. Nice!! The mug is cool!