a little support please

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    I am hoping to get a little support from you H lovers b/c I am feeling a bit guilty right now. Last year a month before I gave birth my dh got me a 32 rigid black box kelly with ph. This bag have not seen the light of day since it came home (still have all the plastic on the hw) b/c my baby is now a 8 months old who loves to touch everything with his sharp finger nails (I have scars on my face to prove that:Push:smile:. Over the weekend we came across a 32 rigid black chever kelly with ph and dh got it for me b/c he thinks I should have a kelly that I can use right now. It's being shipped to my home right now but I have been feeling guilty b/c I already have the exact same bag in box. My dh and my dear friend have been trying to convince me that I can use the chever kelly now and save the box kelly until the time is right for me. I have bags that are exact same styles but they are different colors. These 2 kellys are just so much alike.

    Please give me some support so I will stop feeling guilty since most of you believe in never having too much H.

  2. It sounds like you have a wonderful, thoughtful and generous husband. If he doesn't mind you keeping it stored until the time is right then keep her tucked away. You have a classic Hermes bag that will NEVER go out of style

    Your beauties time will come!!
  3. congratulations for your baby boy, Mama! I want to tell you to keep your black boxcalf Kelly for now (I am assuming your concerns are not financially based), and use your new black chevre Kelly - it will be safe from scratches and minor spills. Use it happily and be thankful for your wonderful caring DH - you will honor him by using it.

    I will tell you, when you go out on the town with your DH, even with DS at this age, you will want to wear your black boxcalf Kelly - it is your special baby son present and it is ultra classy, classical and chic - both black Kellys are gorgeous and will give off a different vibe, but the black boxcalf will always be (to me) much more of a major statement maker.

    Plus, practically, if you sell your black box Kelly, you may want her back in the future and who knows what these babies will cost in 5 years or so??

    nice to see you back posting cxyvr, and congrats again! be happy :biggrin:
  4. #4 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    Thanks K

    My concern is not financially based at all. I just feel bad about having the exact same bag in different skin. I am not planning to sell my box kelly b/c it looks so gorgeous and I love it. I know I will enjoy the chevre kelly very much b/c I have a balck chever birkin that I have no concern about using while I am with my baby. That is why dh thinks the chevre kelly was a good idea.
  5. Wow! I think you have 2 great bags!!! Chevre and box are the 2 best leathers (in my opinion and my favorite of course). I love them! You will get a lot of use out of them.

  6. I totally agree!:smile:
  7. To me those two kelly are totally different bags. my DH got me the RG 32 kelly years ago(my first H bag), I wasn't ready then. like you said, with young babies, I was very into the ''IT'' bag....(I somehow got the idea that the kelly may age me. I was in my early 30th... lol, what was I thinking?). I started use it after I let her sleep for a few years. now she is one of my fav bag. the reason is very clear: it's my first H bag. it's from DH.

    You have a sweet DH and please don't feel guilty sweetie. and congrats you have two iconic kelly. I have both( not the exact size as yours), and love them.
  8. how about a different color in chevre for your everyday kelly since you have a black box kelly and black chevre birkin already? Would you enjoy a bright color for fun to use day to day or another dark neutral like a brown or olive? Just a thought if having duplicates bothers you.
  9. I think I would get the chevre Kelly in another color and keep the black box for later. Maybe a red, or gold?
  10. Save it. You can never have enough black bags and these are 2 classics but very different skins. (and get to filing that baby's nails!! :smile:)
  11. "and get to filing that baby's nails!! " I'd say, cut his nails while he's asleep. In any case, what a very generous Husband .
  12. If you're anything like me, you also have more than one pair of black pumps, in different leathers. Leather can change the whole feeling of accessories. You have a sweet DH and I think he would love it if you kept both...which you will use, when the time is right.

    However, (and I'm just trying to be helpful here) if the guilt gets really, really bad, just send either bag to me.:P
  13. That's a very good point Anabeni....I have multiple pairs of black knee high boots each with slight differences
  14. Congrats on baby and two gorgeous bags!! Your DH is very thoughtful to get you something that you could use for now. You should keep them both bc they're two totally different bags. You'll be glad you've kept it when you come around to using it.
  15. Congrats on becoming a mommy and having such a sweet DH~

    Having black kelly in different leather is like having 2 complete different bags!!

    But are you yarning for a different color perhaps? If a different color in chevre will make you less guilty... then by all means go for a different color!