A little sumtin to share :)

  1. [​IMG]

    i thought i wld share a pic of my obsessions as well... :smile:
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. wow, love you Goyards and Chanel is sooo pretty :smile:
  4. Great collection, thanks for sharing!
  5. Love your Muse and Goyards!!:love:
  6. oh geezee.. you got some really pretty pieces in there.. I want the Chanel and the Chloe.. I don't have those... hehe
  7. Gasp, I love it all ! The Goyard, the Chanel.. the mini B-bag.. soo cute ! :yes:
  8. I love your goyard.
  9. i was contemplating to buy the smaller tote in pink or white but i chose white in the end.. given the monee i wld cop the pink one too! Haha.. oh well anyways i regretted buyin the perforated lv.. i only used it twice :sad: i shld have bought another goyard or YSL... am not a big fan of LV..think its gonna be the 1st n last bag i purchase fr them.
  10. wow:biggrin:
    very well-rounded collection :drool: :drool:
    thanks for sharing...
  11. very nice collection!
  12. Nice collection, I love your choices :smile: thanks for sharing.
  13. I love your red Muse and your Chanel! :love::graucho: Great collection!!
  14. Damn, I love your collection! You have wonderful taste! Thanks for posting that eye candy!
  15. Nice Goyards & I love the Muse! :biggrin: