A little story about my rescue Maltese

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  1. So here's the story...

    Sometimes we as humans have to stand up for crimes against animals. I wish there were laws stronger than what we have today. Shoot, I wish that in this situation I could take the law into my own hands.

    2 years ago my sisters neighbor had a problem with ASPCA and a bunch of dogs were taken away due to abuse and neglect.

    Well, the BI**H was at it again and I was not about to let her abuse any more dogs.

    Last week I was at my sisters house and I noticed a beautiful NEGLECTED white Maltese shivering outside my sisters bldg. and I asked her who the dog belonged to and when she told me her neighbor I was FUMMMMMING! I can't believe my sister sometimes because to her a dog is just a dog and she doesn't see through my eyes. She got upset because I went knocking on the ladies door furiously and demanded she opened the door. I admit I was out of order but hey I'm not about to let her kill any more dogs so if my sister didn't like what the way I behaved and as she says "I embarrased her" so be it and she can blow it out her patootie for all I care!

    When I went in there OMG did it stink!!! there was poop everywhere!!! I was just furious. She has two more dogs apart from the Maltese. I immediately phoned the police and ASPCA.

    I advised them that I would take her in but because she was so under weight and completely matted and looked like she was really sick they advised me to call them first thing Thursday morning and I did.

    Poor little baby! Here's the run down on her.

    She's a full bread 6 year old Maltese. She weighed in at 4 lb.!!!! :nuts: because she was matted she has skin allergies and because her nails were NEVER CUT she has a bad infection on her nails. She also has mites in her ears and an ear infection and has worms in her poopies. AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH she will now loose ALL HER TEETH because of periodontal disease.

    Yesterday I legally adopted her. I am happy to announce that she is a part of my family forever and I will never let any ever hurt her again. My 1 year old male Yorkie Coco has accepted her into the family as well. I think he knows he story because he just follows her everywhere. She is so happy to be in a good home. You can tell she is grateful and her tail wags in such a happy way.

    She has an appointment on Thursday to have all her teeth removed. I will make this her diary and keep you guys in a daily know.

    Please help me welcome Dolce into her new home.

    These pictures were taken on my iPhone but I promise tomorrow you will have crisp pictures of the new baby.

    BTW, sorry for the running off and grammar. This is just a hard story to tell.

  2. Congratulations on your new dog. Thank goodness you rescued her. I'm sure Dolce will have a long, peaceful and happy life with you.
    I hope the ASPC does something about idiot owners like that woman. WTH is wrong with some people? That woman doesn't deserve a dog.
    BTW, Your pic's not showing up for me, but I look forward to seeing your other pics.
  3. Nice work. If we are not willing to confront the problem who will? We have to be the eyes and ears so that the law enforcement folks and the ASPCA and other agencies can do their jobs.
  4. ^^ yay, good going girl!!! :boxing:
  5. poor dog and thxs for opening yr heart and door ....ur a awesome person
  6. Baggs, I saw this link at the bottom of your signature in the CL forum....I am a huge animal lover and this story is so heartbreaking...I'm so glad there is a happy ending! Good on you for taking control and saving Dolce from a life of neglect and abuse.

    Could not agree more that animal abuse law needs to punish offenders more severely... Personally, I could NEVER represent an animal abuser. There's never any explanation or excuse. They should all rot in jail- neglected, hungry, dirty, and isolated, just like their victims. The punishment should fit the crime, IMO.

    I wish Dolce many happy years with you!!:heart:

    (Great name, btw!)
  7. Many good wishes to you and Dolce. Thank god you were able to stop the cruelty. I simply don't understand the stupidity of animal abuse.
  8. I would have done exactly the same thing. Sorry your sister doesn't see things your way. Her neighbor is an idiot among other things and I wouldn't be the least bit embarrassed to have gone over there and done what's right. Dolce is a very lucky girl. I hope you have many, many years of happiness together. I couldn't see your pic but I will look forward to more Dolce pics and tales. :smile:
  9. baggs, how wonderful of you! you did the right thing and there should be more people like you! that lady is terrible and no offence but shame on your sister for ignoring it! i have also called the aspca on 2 people in my life for suspected animal abuse and its such a coincidence i have a 2 year old chocolate lab named dolce that i got from the shelter too! your new puppy is lucky to be with you and wed love to see some pictures =)
  10. First off, BIG kudos to you for being brave and doing the right thing!!!! I would have done the same thing in your shoes. Way to go!

    Second, I'm glad to hear you rescued Dolce and I look forward to hearing more about her new and improved life with you!
  11. stories like this make me SOOO sad! but i am so glad you got her into your home... but how will the poor baby eat without teeth?
  12. congratulations on Dolce! good for you and saving her!!

    I know you'll give her a happy life from here on! I'm glad she even has a friend with your yorkie! :smile:
  13. YAY Baggs!! Be sure to follow up... they need to remove her other animals and might not do it unless you bug them... that kind of neglect is so common with small dogs unfortunately.
  14. Conrads! You did an amazing thing. Thank you :smile: I lost my Maltese a 2 mos ago, she was going to be 16 =/ so enjoy her, they're super dogs!
  15. I am so happy Dolce has found a great forever home!! Her story seems so sad, so it is nice to know she will get a happy ending with you and your family!

    What has happened to the woman and the other dogs she had??