A little spree last weekend!

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  1. My girlfriends and I went on a little spree last weekend. I am in the middle with the Damier 30. I love it! It is a classic I wanted to add to my collection. The friend with the Tivoli bought her first bag and the friend on the left already has a Mono Speedy 25. Both friends bought matching wallets as well. Too much fun!

    Next up for me is a gold Lockit. Maybe next month if all goes well with work and taxes!

  2. Great pic, that must have been so much fun trying on and deciding which bag to have with your girlfriends.
  3. Oh, WOW! Awesome shopping trip! Congrats! LOVE the Tivoli GM! :nuts:
  4. Oooh nice!!
  5. Cute pic! I love that you all bought bags together!
  6. Cute pic. Love y'all's selections!
  7. How fun! That's so fun when you can all shop together and get something!
  8. New LVs with friends??? AWESOME! Sooooo much fun!
  9. Congrats to you and your friends! All of you picked beautiful pieces!
  10. wow. the three princess lol
  11. wow congrats!
  12. The Charlie Angels of Louis Vuitton hahahaha...fab bags!
  13. Very nice shopping spree!
    Thanks for sharing!
  14. Great picture. Love the selections..what an advertisement for vuitton ;)
  15. awww you all made great choices!